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September 24, 2016

Who Knows

Saturday. An early and odd way to go to bed last night, that brief wobbly period after eight, but to sleep easily enough to then awaken at six, taking my time in getting up and heading off to breakfast. No complaints, a decent attitude, a picture across Grand of the lake heading out, a picture across Grand of the lake heading back.

The waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries for breakfast, but with a side of butter and syrup. as this morning the scale had read one forty-nine. Better than yesterday's one forty-eight, although I was thinking, after finishing the waffle, that the taste difference didn't seem worth the butter and syrup. I've been thinking similar thoughts about ketchup on the country potatoes, the flavor without any ketchup it is quite good and nuanced. When did I ever think about ketchup in my younger days? Other than “how do I get it out of the bottle?” and “try not to use too damned much?”.

Later. My Internet connection was slow to the point of not being able to use the tablet or read any of the web sites, although the email would eventually download, given enough time. Even the phone, unknown to me, seems to have been connecting using my wireless connection, as it dropped my call to AT&T support. So.

So naturally, you set out and shot pictures at Jack London Square where they're holding the food thing, lots of people about.

And so I watched episodes of Law & Order on television while futzing with the DSL hookup. This happened once before in the last year (or was it two years?) when it went out in the area and it took AT&T the entire day to fix it. I'm hoping it's area wide today.

Evening. The DSL line is now up and running. Which is good. Probably another area outage, as the diagnostics I was able to run consistently said the equipment was good.

But that's been the day. Television and somewhat tired, the energy seemingly getting better as evening approached. Not unusual. Not sure why. Thinking to photographing the Folsom Street Fair tomorrow earlier made me think I might bail. Now I'm thinking I'll most probably go. Why tired during the late mornings and through into the afternoons routine? Who knows?

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Street Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.