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Here In Oakland

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September 23, 2016

One Day

Friday. To bed and lights out early again, awake at six-twenty to get up and get out the door feeling reasonably good. On to have a single pork chop breakfast, as the scale said under one forty-nine this morning. Not sure I wanted the pork chop, would probably have preferred the plain waffle with fruit, but got the pork chop breakfast down easily enough and so a good enough choice I'd guess.

The walk home under a bright sun, the temperature still good in a light jacket, to then do the usual edit of yesterday's entry and, twenty minutes in, to experience the beginnings of an ocular incident. An unusually bright, big, sparkly blob appeared when the left eye was closed, and so to lie down for ten minutes to let it pass. And that seemed to do it. Gone in ten minutes. The dry mouth remains, what I call a dry mouth, and that's pretty much it. Some MSG or whatever in the pork chop? Who knows? It came, it went, the day is still ahead.

Later. Another slow late morning and early afternoon. A walk to the burger drive-in for a grilled chicken sandwich. Must be hungry as it takes more and more energy for me to go out and get one. Again, one forty-eight point something this morning on the scale, need the calories.

A sunny day and so to bed to watch the first two episodes of Longmire, Netflix having released the fifth season today. I guess I didn't remember a whole bunch of the last season's ending, even with the recap that started this new first episode, so it took a while to get started. Still, I did get started and will undoubtedly watch the rest.

Evening. An interesting Democracy Now focused on the shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have friends who live in North Carolina with young children just entering school and they're understandably concerned with this shit. Moving from Oakland to North Carolina, even if North Carolina has seemed in some ways to be turning a corner, seemed a jump from the skillet into the fire. Then, what do I know? Anyway, a good Democracy Now to start the evening with an episode of New Tricks following right after.

I'd had pasta with red clam sauce for dinner, and, thinking back, looking back, I seem to recall the last time I'd had it for dinner a brief ocular like incident had followed. The New Tricks was over at eight and I remember sitting, watching the ending with a clear head, but then had maybe a thirty minute period when things went fuzzy and I'd gotten up, folded the tents, returned to bed and turned out the lights. Just, you know, wobbly, but for the second time in one day.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Street Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.