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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 22, 2016

About It

Thursday. To bed early, skipping the tablet, lights out then to get a reasonably good night's rest. I guess. Guessing is good. I guess. Awake at six-twenty again, just under one-fifty on the scale, up to put my head together before setting out for breakfast, the sky clear, a sunny day ahead.

Nothing on the schedule. The Folsom Street Fair is coming up Sunday, so we'll center our “picture taking taking” planning on it, not do anything too strenuous before it's come and done. It's a large world and I suspect there are other “Street Fairs” like the Folsom out there, but I still find it a hard to get my head around it. I've now seen a number, have photographed a number of Folsom Fairs, but I'm never quite going to become comfortable with the leather, whips and pain aspects displayed. You suspect, out of the light, they're more than real when they're practiced. But, you know, San Francisco. Cactus flowers in your hair, leather straps across your back.

Later. An automated call from the pharmacy saying a prescription refill was ready, just as I was heading out the door to the Lakeshore ATM and the card shop, so off to the ATM, the shop for a birthday card and then the pharmacy, returning without stopping to pick up anything to eat, but sitting by the lake for a few minutes on the way home. Good. Tasks for the day (the more important tasks of the day) now complete.

Indeed sunny and warm. Up into the mid seventies it says on the Weather Underground site. So we'll probably not be going out again.

Sounds timid enough.

That simple walk to Lakeshore and back tweaked a back muscle or two. We'll just put our hesitancy out of mind and not think about what it may mean for the future.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now, as always. The tag end Democracy Now piece was about cops who'd confiscated a camera from a street photographer in Connecticut, the camera still recording both video and sound unbeknownst to the cops, recording them planning on how to slap this guy with a crime to justify the taking of his camera.

Which led me to think of local instances where people with cameras, many of them news photographers, have had their cameras stolen at gun point, which led to a recent incidence where a young 20 year old had shot a robber on the street, the 20 year old carrying a gun ever since he'd been robbed once before in the past. No way I'm ever going to carry a gun. Someone demands the camera, whomever it is, gets it handed to him on the spot, but still, all these together messing with the mind. Maybe best just to go to bed and forget about it.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Street Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.