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September 21, 2016

The First

Wednesday. Still a bit warm, but to bed early and lights out early, getting a reasonably good night's sleep, in so far as any of them are reasonably good nights anymore. Well, bite my tongue. The sleep has been OK, even when I'm complaining. Awake at six-twenty to get up and head out the door on what is going to be another clear day. Some cloud and fog to the north and east on the hills, but the sky otherwise looking good.

Down to one-fifty point something on the scale this morning, so that's coming into line. The sun bright walking home from breakfast, taking but one snapshot on the way. One last look at the Sheridan piece, I did get a reply from the editor saying he liked the revision I'd sent him and so I'm suspecting that one is done. What today? Hey. What on any day? We're pretty much bound to find out.

Later. The days usually roll predictably right along from getting up around six in the mornings through noon. Close to noon. It's much less structured after and I've been in the middle of the after for the last couple of hours. The sinuses have been acting up, never sure when they'll choose to go south, so a second dose of the pain meds to see if they can't knock them back into something more comfortable.

The temperature is good. Bright sun, blue sky, but a nice coolness to the air as it approaches two. Watching television.

Later still. Talked myself out the door thinking I might finally go see Snowden at the Grand Lake theater, but also thinking I'd probably crap out before I got to the theater. But I didn't. The movie was playing in the large main theater, but very few people were in attendance. Free popcorn, though. Pretty good popcorn at that.

Didn't really learn anything new, but found it interesting, not too preachy, although with me they'd be preaching to the choir. Recommend it to anyone who's interested in this interesting/distressing/depressing chapter in our history.

Evening. Home from the movie after six, so no Democracy Now unless I listen to it later on the web. I might. Some television, then Charlie Rose, thinking the three interviews he was having might be of interest, but bailed not too long into the first.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Street Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.