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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 20, 2016


Tuesday. To bed and lights out by ten, but this time to pretty much sleep straight through the still too warm night, but not quite as warm as it was last night. Whatever that means. Anyway, awake at just after six to listen as always to Democracy Now as I got ready to head out to breakfast, the sky dark with some low lying clouds near the hills, but otherwise clear. They're saying cooler than these last two record setting days, but we'll see. This one's starting just as they started.

The plain waffle with sliced fruit breakfast, coming in at one fifty-one on the scale this morning. Not unusual after a supermarket run, I seem to eat everything in sight afterwards. No complaints, just mentioning.

Things still to do today, but again, closing in on these last few tasks. Feel good. We'll see if this feeling good business leads to progress. Hup! (And the rest of that crap.)

Later. It is cooler. Bright sun, but a sea breeze. Comfortable in a t-shirt whether walking or sitting out under in the direct sun. Couldn't think of a reason I might want to take the walk, but out the door finally and over to the lake, taking one or two pictures and sit for a time by the white column pergola. Not many birds on the lake, but small groups of people about and a boom box playing for ambiance.

More work on the Sheridan piece. It's finished, but I need to dig out an old copy of the Review to do some fact checking. Then it's done. Really.

Later still. The Sheridan piece is done and sent and so, naturally, to lie down on the bed and watch another Korean series I'd found on Netflix, half of it interesting, half of it embarrassing in its cultural differences, the male-female relationships, for example, similar to our own entertainment norms of the 1940's. Ah, well. We watch and wince, but watch none the less.

Evening. Democracy Now, the first half anyway, not sure why I bailed before it finished. Up until eight to check Charlie Rose, but found no interest in hearing an interview with Bono. Good fellow from what I hear, supports excellent charities and projects, but better to bed and another look at the tablet. Where has the day gone? Hard to tell, particularly as I'm attempting to recall what happened last night the next morning.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Street Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.