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Here In Oakland

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September 19, 2016


Monday. Warm, last night. Too warm. Slept on top of the comforter, the windows open, but still awoke more often than I'd have liked. Once, at three thirty-two in the morning by my clock, what I thought was a series of gunshots rang out somewhere down on or beyond Grand. Been a while since I've heard gunshots I thought close by. Anyway, awake at six-thirty, feeling reasonable coherent, the sky clear, the day and now the week ahead.

No dead bodies or such lying in the street walking to breakfast. If they were gunshots (and they were, I've heard more than my share in the past) they didn't leave a trace, at least along my breakfast path.

Were you really expecting to see anything?

No, no. Even if something had happened it would most likely have been taken care of by the time I set out. Still warm this morning, though. I'd left windows open last night and the place was reasonably cool when I awoke, closed the windows and the curtains before I left, but still warm and humid now here writing as it approaches ten. Well, it will be fall soon, not unusual for spring and fall to be far warmer than summer weather. But still, yesterday ninety-three with the Weather Underground web site saying it's seventy-eight right now, the humidity fifty percent.

I did have the sake and the cheddar cheese spread on the to be avoided list yesterday and last night. No apparent effects, unless they've shaved a not quite noticeable bit off the top. Still, with or without “a bit off the top” we're feeling alright. No need to repeat the cheese and alcohol, though. Tread lightly.

Later. Approaching two in the afternoon and it's ninety degrees, essentially as warm as it was yesterday and needing the fan to feel at all comfortable sitting here in a t-shirt. Haven't been outside, but I've made more progress on the Sheridan piece today than I've made in all last week. Seems the writing has come unclogged, not that it will make any difference here. So good. Hot or not we're in other, more beneficial ways, cookin’ right along with it.

Later still. Right after the above I went to lie down on the bed and had a strong ocular incident that lasted for an hour. Just like that. I'd had the plain waffle with fruit this morning for breakfast, had two bowls of cereal for lunch: the first a Kellogg's Special K with red berries from a box I'd started yesterday and the second a Kellogg's Raisin Bran. So I'm guessing it takes a day for the cheese and sake I'd had yesterday to kick in and the cereal wasn't involved, but who really knows?


So no more cheese and/or alcohol for the while, one hopes a good long while, before we find a demented need to test ourself again. That scrambled hour has now passed, the head is pretty much back together and so: onward, Oat Willie, through the fog.

Evening. Getting somewhat cooler. Finished the rewrite of the Sheridan piece and so that's now behind us, the list of stuff that needs getting done is now down to one (or two or three), but we'll think about it/them tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken last weekend at the National Police Strike demonstration at Latham Square with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.