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September 18, 2016


Sunday. Another uneven night's sleep in the sense I woke up too many times, but up and out of bed at quarter after six, leaving the building feeling pretty good, certainly better than I was feeling yesterday. I'd say. Right or not - who knows? - but off to drive to breakfast and then, when finished, on to the supermarket to lose it a bit in what I bought. Without a second thought.

I haven't been to the supermarket in some time, but when I have, I've been pretty good about not buying things on the ocular migraine to be avoided list - no alcohol, cheddar cheese or the like - but today I bought the evil cheese spread and alcohol both. Picked up other things, but they were the usual stuff, all of them on the pat on the head needed item list.


I was thinking I was indeed in a good mood, more like earlier days when I was consuming this stuff and maybe it was time to run another test. But later this evening so, if it comes back to bite, I'll be here in the apartment and learn the lesson safely in bed.

That's a bit weird. One might think you're too old and knowledgeable by now to be pulling off this obviously stupid stuff.

We'll know soon enough. Meanwhile there are festivals and such to be avoided today, given my recent history. Another question we'll answer “soon enough”.

Later. The head has indeed been clearer today, which is by far the larger factor in this “hide inside” business, but still no urge to set out for pictures. Did eat the cheese and crackers, we'll see if that kicks in later or tomorrow morning, otherwise, so far, no effects. I still have no sense of how long it takes for these things to kick in, if they do indeed kick in.

A walk to the lake in a long sleeved shirt, immediately wishing I'd left it at the apartment, the temperature obviously up into the eighties by the time I'd set out. Still, felt much better than I had yesterday and so sat for a while, took one or two pictures because I felt it necessary, checked the lake for Dragon Boats (lots of boats, but none of them Dragons) and then returned. Our excitement now done for the afternoon.

A part of what had kicked off this stay inside decision was in re-reading the draft section the book editor had sent again, comparing it with the draft I'd put together so far. Better to use his draft as the base and totally rewrite mine to match. Which means I've been spinning my wheels and I want/need to get it done. No excuse for goofing off. Flakes are flakes. Better to pass on a project than to come in late bristling with excuses.

Or something like that.

Or something very much like that.

Evening. We've gone through our old routine after a morning visit to the supermarket: ate the cheese and crackers, ate three bowls of cereal (actually not too bad in comparison to some earlier binges) and drank the two servings of sake, the sake in the late afternoon into the evening. Eased the sinuses somewhat. Felt good.

Otherwise spent the overly warm evening (it was up to ninety-three degrees today according to the weather people) watching this and that on television and working on the Sheridan piece. That should be wrapped up and done by tomorrow. We have indeed made progress.

The photo up top was taken last weekend at the National Police Strike demonstration at Latham Square with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.