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September 25, 2016

You Too

Sunday. When did I turn out the lights last night? Watched another episode of Longmire on the tablet before turning them out by ten, I think, followed by a reasonably uneventful night's rest to awaken at twenty after six. We'll go with that. Seems about right.

Up to get ready and then drive to breakfast, the Tribune, now named the East Bay Times, was late again yesterday and now today, but sitting outside the apartment house front door as I was setting out. The apartment manager picks them up in the morning and drops them off in the hallway in front of my apartment door, allowing me to bring them inside, strip out the advertising sections and then toss them in the paper recycling containers on the way out.

This is somehow important?

How long have you been reading this?

Anyway, feeling good, the waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries for breakfast (none of yesterday's experiment with butter and syrup), thinking it best to be careful and not eat anything that might come back to haunt me when I'm in San Francisco shooting the Folsom Street Fest. Not sure I want the world to shift on its axis while I'm in the middle of that.

Later. Clear headed, good vision and dragging my feet to catch the bus to BART and then on to the City Center stop, the train stopping two stations short at the Montgomery Street station and sitting for twenty minutes. For reasons they never really did explain. A first for me, although I hear this isn't unusual for people who commute.

On to Folsom and 8th from the City Center stop with the temperature now into the low nineties to then walk for an hour along Folsom taking pictures in an ever denser crowd. They seal off a large number of streets for the Folsom Street Fair and still the crowds are soon shoulder to shoulder, hundreds of thousands of people showing up, I'd guess more participants than gawkers.

Would have liked to have stayed shooting longer, but verging on too warm and too tired after that hour, thinking no need to take chances, and so back to BART and then a bus straight home. Still, enough pictures to put together a section of photographs. Close to two sections, might even be two sections when I've done processing them, but well, if not, we'll add more into the one section, adding them between the main pictures linked to their thumbnails.

Later still. Processed pictures through the afternoon. Tired, but out and about muscle tired, still clear headed and in a decent mood. The sounds of drums is drifting in from the lake, it's starting to get dark and we've survived the weekend, concerns about running around with the cameras now mute.

Without bitching?

Without too much bitching.

Evening. Watched an Elementary I've (of course) seen before. Watched the beginning of Sixty Minutes out of happenstance, but then gave up and watched another Longmire episode on the tablet. Haven't decided yet on how Longmire is going, compared to its earlier seasons, but I'll watch them all, no doubt.

You're totally clueless about half the programs most people are familiar with on television. You of no cable have no clue.

And doodle-dee-do to you too.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Street Fair with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.