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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 29, 2015

Own Devices

Tuesday. To bed and lights out not long after nine, awakening briefly but twice, up finally at six-thirty on an overcast and cool morning walking to breakfast and back. I thought about driving, but only briefly and the head and the attitude snapped in place once I stepped outside. As it almost always does. I did bring a camera over the shoulder rather than in the backpack, but eased the mind by taking the older D2Xs in case of trouble. Such now is life in Oakland.

Otherwise a very funky morning, spending most of it lying down. Maybe something I ate on the ocular migraine to be avoided list, although I'm not sure what that might have been. Maybe, I don't know, it's just time to have a funky morning to start a day.

Later. Less funky now that it's mid-afternoon. A walk over to the apartment house construction site to take more pictures, the cement they were pouring yesterday pretty clearly used to create walkways through and around whatever they're planning to add as islands. So good, pictures taken, still some day left ahead.

I learned, through the web site for my area here in Oakland, that a local professional photographer had had a break-in at her apartment and her cameras, computers and hard drives were stolen, the hard drives holding her work for the last several years, some number of which she was preparing for a book project due for publication in the near future. All her life's photographic work, in other words.

She's been active in tracking down the hard drives, managed to be interviewed on one of the local T.V. news stations and found one of her cameras and four of its lenses at the Oakland Coliseum flea market. The loss of the photographs, though, hit home. I have mine on mirrored hard drives, but haven't used any of the backup drives I have on hand to back them up and store them off site. Why not?

I was reminded of this walking home from breakfast, passing by fliers the photographer had attached to telephone polls along Grand. I have everything necessary to back up my files and, again, take them off site when it's done, but I haven't. Haven't done many things of similar import over these last several years. I get all the preparation done, it's easy to prepare by spending money, but I haven't made the effort to follow through. And I'm sitting here talking about it, not making a move.

Evening. Nothing on television again, little on the tablet and so we're left to our own devices.

The photo up top was taken at the Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.