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September 28, 2015

Cool Outside

Monday. Another lights out early again after spending little or no time on the tablet, awakening at six, but not getting out of bed until half past, up and out the door to drive to breakfast, deciding to feed the meter. OK, I can understand, been a while since the car has been available, but the walking in the morning is important, so best we put the car to rest and get on with it. Tomorrow. Maybe the day after.

You really going to do that? Give up on the car?

That's how the battery lost its charge in the first place, it sitting, me walking. We'll do it, it's just that it may be chancy on darker mornings when the car key's in the pocket and I'm only half awake.

Now, more time needed to modify the Folsom Street Fair section before posting, there are one or two pictures I want to replace, and then maybe downtown to photograph Latham Square. It's overcast, it's cool outside, but let's see how it looks and feels in another couple of hours.

Later. Popped a camera into the new, smaller, backpack and took the bus downtown, getting off at Latham Square and shooting another set of pictures. Finished, put the camera back into the backpack and walked to the bus stop across Broadway from the City Center at 13th, no thoughts about theft. Well, one or two, but only to note their absence. We'll be carrying them in the backpack from now on out.

Back on the bus to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar, a detour to the apartment house construction site to find they were pouring cement around the forms they'd been putting in place in the back courtyard. Good timing. Wouldn't have wanted to miss it.

Home now, the overcast gone and it's now warmer than I'd like. Fine, the fan running, we'll take it easy for the rest of the day. October is coming. This weather can't last forever (except in one's nightmares) and climate change isn't going to kill all of us for a another couple of decades.

Oh, and posted the Folsom Street Fair section. Just the one, but the photographs are better than I thought in my first impression. Which is usually the case. I have no idea what drives the lives of people to whips and leather, drives them to places like a Folsom Street, but maybe for the best. Getting your head around it is a task for another kind of head. I just take the pictures, meaningful explanations can come through others with a much broader experience than mine.

What's that about?

I find there's no way to write about something like the Folsom Street Fair without coming across as an idiot. It all comes up a blank.

You can't get your head around the whips and lashes and such.

Getting them or dishing them out, the mind just goes blank.

Later still. A letter from APL saying the retiree health insurance benefits they've been providing will be canceled at the end of the year. Best to get all of the needed tests and appointments scheduled and done before then. You always wonder, half expecting something like this, as I've had no idea what their contractual obligations might be, but I suspect they can and have. So we'll see what real people do out there in this world and what it costs for one of the other Medicare supplements. Single payer: we pray for thee.

Evening. Nothing again on television, some time on the tablet, most of it spent switching between this and that. Getting darker earlier, autumn has arrived. At least at night it's now cool outside.

The photo up top was taken at the Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.