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September 27, 2015

Will Start

Sunday. A one hundred percent charge on the car battery when I checked this morning and so driving to breakfast. Hurrah!! I guess. We'll hook the thing up in another month or two to see how much charge it's lost with my minimal driving, but otherwise we have a car again (that will undoubtedly continue to sit in the garage six days out of seven). Unless we drive to Portland.

To bed early, to sleep early, awake and up at close to seven and so a good night's sleep. Again, a drive to and back from breakfast to have a quick look at yesterday's entry before posting and then get ready to set out for the Folsom Street Fair. We'll carry both cameras in a backpack this time, only take them out at the fair itself, assume nobody's going to go after them in the crowd. (Obviously still a bit of paranoia there, but the trip to and from the event should be easier.)

Later. A bus to BART and then a walk along 8th Street to Folsom, arriving just after it opened at eleven, both cameras carried in the backpack as advertised and feeling pretty good about it.

As in the past a large number of people had already arrived and so an hour's shooting before it got warm enough and I got tired enough to say the hell with it and go back home. Went by the Broadway ATM after BART and then home on the bus, catching it at Grand, more too warm than physically tired. Well, tired too, but not a lot.

And how did it go? Not all that many pictures, just a section for the web site. Checking prior years I've had a couple where I've gotten a single section and a couple when I've gotten as many as three, in one year four. Not sure if it's luck or my energy on that particular day or some combination of both. Still, spent the afternoon working on the pictures, finishing the one section, but deciding to look at it again tomorrow in case I want to add or make substitutions before I post.

Evening. Not a bad day, feel pretty good after coming up out of the picture processing session. You tend to get buried in the damned things and time passes quickly, yes, but in a kind of fog.

To bed early I suspect, we'll see if I'm tempted to drive to breakfast now that I have a car that will start.

The photo up top was taken today at the Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.