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September 30, 2015

Be Done

Wednesday. Lights out before nine and soon to sleep, awakening a couple of times, but just briefly and so awakening and up before six. Which meant I could listen to quite a bit of Democracy Now on the radio before leaving, but still, too dark to be walking to breakfast and so taking the car. We're going to have to start getting up later, leaving later and walking when it's light. I guess we really have entered autumn and I'll have to trot out a whole new raft of complaints.

At least life continues....

Overcast and cool and they're saying a sixty percent chance of rain. Rain would be good, the drought and all, so we'll stay inside and maybe even do the laundry, although, since I haven't started it yet, I'd bet not. Still, once said, it usually happens. Laundry. Eventually. By week's end.

Later. Rain, a light rain, intermittent, but rain none the less. So inside for the rest of the morning, heading out just after noon to take a quick set of pictures at the apartment house construction site and then have coffee and a bun at the corner coffee shop across from the project. I say bun, but it came in a cupcake paper container, crumbly and made with ginger without icing. Pretty good if you keep it to just one.

Home now to work on the construction web sites, see if we can't catch up (a bit). Quite a lot of work to do there to come current. I'm already looking for excuses to put it off.

For some reason I walked on beyond my apartment house entrance returning home to take a look at a vacant lot where they're planning to build a twelve unit condominium building and a second twelve unit apartment house. I assume they'll tear down the old wooden building at the bottom, but I'm also thinking, if they don't access the site from Grand, they'll be tying up our one way street fairly often during the coming months of construction.

Won't mean much to me as I don't drive (except on Sunday mornings to breakfast), but I suspect the neighbors will be upset. If they use our street. Grand is wider, but there's a lot more traffic to tie up.

Later still. Ran the weekly Protime blood thinner test, the result good, the nurse, when she called, happy. Always a good sign when you remember to run your weekly blood test. He said.

Put together another section of the Latham Square photographs. Not sure the days I missed earlier this month due to the camera theft make much of a difference, but another section done. Another one tomorrow and we'll be closer to catching up. The apartment house construction photographs are going to take forever, of course, many, many sections. Something we'll continue to think about.

And delay.

We're good at that.

Otherwise feel good, the head clear, no real aches or pains. Time on the tablet followed by time on the tablet to get us into the evening.

Evening. A Death In Paradise at eight I've seen before and didn't need to see again and so to bed early again. Early is good, sleep is good, but it means we wake up when it's still dark and getting darker as we approach the winter solstice. Don't like to walk to breakfast in the dark and so something needs to be done.

The photo up top was taken at the Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.