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Here In Oakland

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September 20, 2015


Sunday. Last night was a bit uneven, but lights out by ten, getting up just before six. Too early to be getting up and, of the two awakenings during the night, one was longer than it should have been. OK. A walk to breakfast, the sky clear, the sun quite warm while walking home. Seems we're looking at the hot day they're predicting.

Another wrestling match with yesterday's entry that went way longer than it should, the usual bitching about quality before posting, but then a lie down on the bed that quickly evolved into an hour and a half's nap. Just like that. It was indeed an uneven night's sleep last night.

Later. It's hot. A walk with the camera over to the lake in t-shirt, jeans and Panama hat and that, in the sun, was still too warm for comfort. I'm more sensitive to heat - you keep reading that anyway, young and old succumbing to high temperatures more quickly - and so, although the Lake County firefighters out in hundred degree temperatures are doing better than I might, I'm happy to be right here, nowhere near any of those temperatures. Better here, babbling on, in a t-shirt near water.

Oaklavia begins at the nearby white column pergola and then extends around the opposite side of the lake to the new Lake Merritt amphitheater and then on beyond Snow Park to the Christ the Light Cathedral. All of which means most of the activity to include music and food is “on the other side of the lake” from the apartment.

Still, people were about, a group exercising, the every Sunday afternoon food truck people were in their usual place on the other side of the library (where I bought a ginger ice cream Snickerdoodle sandwich for the first time). A few pictures before heading back home to sit in front of the fan. I suspect our out and about for the day is done.

Later still. To lie down (with the fan) again. The dry mouth and some of the sparkly things appeared when the eyes were closed and so another nap. A not quite sleep nap, but a nap. What brought that on? The single pork chop this morning? Haven't had one in some time. Have I forgotten these things happen more often after I've had one? Not an advantage to this getting older, failing memory business.

Evening. Television in front of the fan. Some football, the tail end of an old Elementary episode (when did they start running these on Sundays?) and then to bed and the tablet except we're running out of stuff on the tablet. Still, more tired than usual this early in an evening, maybe I'll be able to turn out the lights and get to sleep.

The photo up top was taken of a Grand Fare window, walking home from breakfast this morning, with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.