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Here In Oakland

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September 21, 2015

He Said

Monday. I did turn the lights out early and I did get to sleep early last night. Warm, yes, the fan running, awakening twice as we do now most every night, but for short periods of time. Up at quarter past six to open the balcony sliding glass door and screen to let in the cooler outside air while I was at breakfast. A decent walk, the attitude good.

Home, the outside air having warmed quite a bit since leaving and so closing that glass door first thing when I entered, moving the fan from the bedroom to the floor by the computer. Another week started, another journal entry edited and posted, another set of thoughts on how this routine is probably not fated to last as long as I myself am fated to last in this life.

Are we fighting a necessary change?

I suspect that's part of it. Inertia, anyway. Habit. But we'll see. Life has a way to making it happen, letting us know who's in charge. In my experience, anyway. Change, when it comes, tends to be abrupt.

Later. Maybe I have no idea how susceptible these years have made me to warmer temperatures as I'm sitting here thinking of what life might be like without a fan. I remember worse when we lived in Yonkers, but the temperatures and humidity were both worse, I just don't quite remember it being this warm here in Oakland. On the edge, not over the edge, but close enough to be bitching wondering.

The second photo backpack, ordered to carry a single camera with a shorter medium zoom lens, arrived today and it seems to work. Which is nice after my earlier screw up with the larger one. So good.

A bus downtown with the camera in hand thinking I'd get right off at Latham Square, take the set of pictures, walk up to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription refill and then, if there was still time, catch the bus home from the stop near the pharmacy. There wasn't enough time and the bus had left minutes before I arrived.

OK. The fall back was to cross Broadway to the City Center and have a tuna fish sandwich (on a bagel) and a diet Coke (instead of coffee), which I did. A walk then to the bus stop to catch the bus. So far, so good. Off at the apartment house construction site stop to then take a set of pictures, almost, but not quite talking myself into blowing it off. Best I got the pictures as they'd removed the black netting from another section, something I'd have regretted not catching.

Home now thinking it's awfully warm and so bitching more about it here, some time on the tablet because that's what we do in the afternoons and now sitting and writing as I'm listening to the news. I listen to a lot of news for someone who isn't planning to enter a current events contest in the hope of winning a television set.

You're running out of gas.

Evening. An afternoon and early evening spent in front of the fan that needed turning up a notch to medium. It's now seven and the air outside is cooler than the air inside, the doors and windows wide open, they're saying it will be twenty degrees cooler for the rest of the week. Still sunny, but twenty degrees cooler. We can handle that.

Nothing on television I want to watch and I've pretty much stretched what's available on the tablet as far as they can be stretched, so we'll pick up the guitar again (I found playing a little three feet from the fan a useful way to make the minutes pass) for a bit before turning in. Twenty degrees cooler. Christmas early (he said).

The photo up top was taken across the street from my apartment this noon hour with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.