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September 19, 2015

Out Early

Saturday. Another pretty good night's sleep, lights out by ten, awakening twenty minutes after six to get up and out the door on another clear sky, soon to be sunny, morning. A picture or two as I was returning, the attitude good, the carrying a camera paranoia level low, as low as it was yesterday walking to and from breakfast.

So good.


Spent more time than usual futzing with yesterday's entry before posting, what has now become a routine “who in the hell is this guy and what kind of gibberish is he spouting”? Less happy to see this upset with the writing turn into a habit. How much of it is “lost in a mindless rut” (oh dear!) than pursuing a genuine interest? Does it matter? I suspect it doesn't. Haven't started questioning the photography yet, other than lamenting the low energy I've been putting into it. Have left to put into it.

The Eat Real Festival continues in Jack London Square and Oaklavia starts tomorrow when they cordon off Lakeshore to traffic and allow the natives to do whatever the natives do without cars. So stuff to photograph.

Later. Definitely t-shirt weather, comfortable t-shirt weather, although it's become even warmer now that it's noon.

A short walk to the lake, no desire to go any farther, the bus I take to Jack London not running on the weekends and the local farmers market holding no attraction. I'd wondered, when I passed by them as they pulling into the parking lot at Euclid, coming home from breakfast, what they were up to. It took a minute, stopping in my tracks and staring, to realize this guy was the source of all the racket. A second picture returning home to give a perspective of how high he was above the parking lot.

The Capoeira dancers were well into their Saturday morning practice session and so I sat on a bench and took pictures. With dancers you need to take more pictures to catch them with the speed they're moving and turning, something these particular cameras are designed to do. Need to remember that the next time. I say that: need to remember that the next time. Didn't take them today, I'll take them tomorrow. Right.

The sinus-upper palate has been acting up. Either that or, for some reason, I'm choosing to notice it at the moment. Took a second dose of the pain meds, but I suspect they won't make a difference. Makes a difference in the life, though, having this ongoing sinus-upper palate business. Gets in the way, way more than you realize.

As said, it's noon, we'll see if we end up doing more this afternoon than crashing with the tablet.

Later still. The sinus-upper palate seems better. A product of that extra dose of the pain meds or the fact it's a few hours later and that's just the way it works?

The sinuses feeling better meant I headed out again with purpose? No. Spent the time on the tablet and the web. Doesn't surprise me. Tomorrow Oaklavia at the lake. We will take pictures. We will.

And you do, after all, like to take pictures.

I do. Honest. We're just, I don't know, babbling. Badly. It often happens on a warm Saturday afternoon well before evening.

Evening. Watched stuff on the tablet, watched football for the first time in a long time on television, the balcony door wide open, the temperature warm and noticeably muggy. Should be easy to talk myself into bed later with the lights out early.

The photo up top was taken walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.