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Here In Oakland

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September 9, 2015

The Fan

Wednesday. They're saying we did set temperature records yesterday in both San Francisco and Oakland with more of the same on the way today and through the weekend. Let's hope it's to and not “through” the weekend. Anyway, sitting here in a buttoned up apartment in front of the fan, the sky clear, the sun bright, another overly warm day ahead.

Not a bad night's sleep, though. The windows open, the fan at the foot of the bed, lights out by ten, awakening at six. Up once, but briefly, and then right back to sleep. So good, a good way to start even a too warm day, although I gave in to the paranoia and carried the camera in the backpack when walking to breakfast. Carried it in hand on the way back, but no need to juggle the newspapers under the left arm and with more people about on a now sunlit street.

I did remember I'd forgotten my blood thinner test yesterday, totally forgotten (as I had the week before). No harm, I guess, although I'd best run it right now before, well, I again manage to forget. Wouldn't have remembered it just now if I hadn't taken the kit out of the drawer when I realized my error this morning and put it on the desk.

Later. The blood test failed, gave an error message, a problem that started last week. The customer support person asked the usual questions, asking at the end if I had a low blood sugar count. Hmm. Last year. Once. Rather dramatic. I still have the blood sugar testing kit that event led me to purchase and so we'll dig it out and see what this may be about.

It's warm, as warm as it was yesterday, up into the nineties, the humidity (only) twenty-five percent. I say only, but I've experienced it at ninety-nine percent at this same temperature and so I'm happy to see it at twenty-five. I am.

Ambition zero, though. Haven't gone next door to photograph the apartment house construction site, let alone felt any desire to go downtown and photograph Latham Square (and, if I'm to keep up the project, I really do need to photograph Latham Square). We're just sitting here inside doing not much, avoiding even the tablet. We'll give ourself a pass while this temperature has us stretched out.

Evening. He was still in the recovery room after two hours on the table when I called, but it seems to have gone well, we'll know more tomorrow. So relates the sister when I called. OK. Been a long day for them today, we'll learn more tomorrow.

Otherwise finished out another afternoon with the tablet, nothing on television on a Wednesday night and so maybe lights out again early. Which is, one would assume, is for the better. Best. The outside temperature seems to have dropped somewhat lower than it is here inside, so the windows and the balcony door are wide open. Let's see if we luck out and get a good night's sleep without needing the fan.

The photo up top was taken walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.