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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 8, 2015

We Wait

Tuesday. Another decent night's sleep from the length of it, lights out after nine, up at quarter to seven, awakening but twice for but two short periods in the night. Seems about right. Not sure we're ever going to get rid of the times you wake up, some say you will still have one if you routinely get all the sleep you need, one right in the middle lasting for about an hour. To bed at sundown, in other words, up with the early morning sun before the invention of electric light.

Another clear morning, another humid morning from the feel of it, they're saying quite warm today without getting warm enough to set any century old records. I believe them, sitting here with the fan running and the balcony glass door closed. I do indeed, here in humid Oakland, after walking to and from breakfast.

Later. No ambition to head outside, even just to cross the street and photograph the apartment house construction site. Not unusual, I'm afraid, but real. Real is real.

Perhaps writing that got me up and off my duff and out the door to indeed take photographs at the construction site, an adventure that lasted all of fifteen minutes. No thought to get anything to eat, although it was close to noon, we'll deal with that later. I haven't done anything to get the car battery charged, could easily see that being delayed forever for another week or more, haven't taken that self portrait I've been threatening to take or, well, I'd have to look at the list. You get the idea, at least.


And I suspect the day has been decided. No Latham Square pictures, no more adventures outside. Put together a letter to have the insurance people add the new camera to the insurance list and delete the old stolen camera, arrange to pay the insurance premium that came in the mail today and hope there's no followup suggesting they want to increase the tab. Not sure how their experience works on that, an insured client who sustains a loss, does he or she tend to have more of these episodes in the future and so you have to jack the premiums up? We'll know soon enough.

Later still. In printing the letter and attachments to the insurance agency I discovered the big Epson printer wasn't in the mood to print, giving me a printing error that comes up evidently when you haven't used it for a long time. So went through a number of work arounds all the while wondering if I was screwed. The black on plain paper letter and attachments printed finally - good, the insurance is taken care of - but then the same trouble attempting a color print. Hmm. Finally got it to print. We'll do more printing now just to keep the thing in shape. So many things to keep in shape.

An incentive to actually take pictures worth printing instead of this ongoing groaning?

I haven't taken a decent picture in a while. There are opportunities this coming weekend.

Evening. My sister and brother-in-law arrived at the Mayo Clinic today where he will undergo an operation tomorrow, one of the white knuckle kind of operation that only has grey area outcomes, some better than others, none of them great. So we wait.

The photo up top was taken walking by the old Lakeview School from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.