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September 7, 2015

That Often

Monday. Lights out reasonably early again, awakening twice, the second time for longer than I'd have liked, but still, awake and up at six-thirty checking the blood pressure to see where it stood before taking the daily blood pressure pill. Ninety-something over sixty-eight. This just before we kick it by taking another day's meds. OK, we'll skip taking the med, see how it looks when we get back.

Nice clear morning, the sun coming up as we're walking, very few people out on the street other than the usual people, mostly women, exercising in platoon formation over by the lake. Took the D4 instead of the D4s because I was still a little paranoid, can't blame it on anything else.

Back from breakfast, the blood pressure still about the same, a couple of points higher. Feel good, don't feel tired, but then took the med so we can see how we feel when it kicks in. Need to check the web to see what they have to say about low blood pressure. How low is low? These questions may well go on forever given how I continue to ask them and then never seem to follow through in finding out.

Later. From what I can find anything lower than ninety over sixty is probably/possibly too low. I'm not under ninety or under sixty, so we'll leave it there. Feel pretty good, now that it's four hours later, and so we'll put our little blood pressure soliloquy on hold and wonder about something else.

It is warm out there, too warm even in t-shirt and jeans, so a short walk to the lake and back, thinking I can no longer carry the camera in hand or over the shoulder unless I'm shooting, that I'll have to carry it from now on in a back pack. Which is just reality, I guess. We'll see how many earth shaking shots we miss with the camera in a back pack. I suspect, as in the past, there won't be many.

As in none?

I suspect, but who knows? Probably miss the one “cute cat meets fashionably dressed dachshund” photograph of the century the first time I'm out.

Later still. Another slow afternoon spending most of it with the tablet, the fan blowing softly from the foot of the bed. Not really tired, just, you know, not pumped. Labor Day without any labor. Sounds about the way a Labor Day should roll.

Evening. Nothing on television and so more stuff on the tablet. The temperature remains warm, it's eight in the evening and the outside air is about the same temperature as it is inside the apartment, both warmer than I'd like. But such is life.

Lights out early again, I'm curious to see how we feel on the morrow. The diet has been good, the blood pressure seems to be holding and the weight on the scale this morning (after changing out the batteries with fresh ones) came in just under one hundred and fifty-five. With the failing batteries it had read one forty-eight. A real reading of one forty-eight out of the blue would have been scary. We eat when we're hungry,we just haven't been hungry all that often.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Art & Soul Festival last month with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.