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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 10, 2015


Thursday. Still too warm to sleep last night without a fan, but not a bad night's sleep for that, lights out by ten, awakening at six-thirty, getting up but once during the night. So good. A walk to breakfast, the camera over the shoulder, finishing up with just enough time to take a picture of the last remaining pandorea flower (did someone pick the rest in the last twenty-four hours?) before the bus arrived.

And you took the bus?

It arrived just as I finished shooting the picture and so there was no debate. Why would a bus have met me at the stop just as I arrived otherwise? One must be sensible when one is presented with an unannounced gift from the void.

We've starting babbling again. Best take a deep breath.

The morning has begun, the laundry has been started, the first two loads are now in the washing machines and there's another warm day ahead. They're saying it won't be quite as warm as it was yesterday, but warm enough to sit tight on any thoughts of, say, hiking the lake.

Later. Laundry done at noon. Good. A package still due from the camera shop that was due yesterday and still has yet to come: two camera straps, one for the new camera and one to replace an old one. Whether they're delayed another day or two doesn't really matter. It is warm out there, warmer than I'd like, warm enough to perhaps make us all more sensitive to this drought/weather/climate change business and it's effects. Not a pleasant lesson. I'd just as soon pass.

So we'll wait through the noon hour and think of ways to avoid taking more apartment house photographs and skipping the downtown and Latham Square altogether. I'm in an odd mood at the moment, maybe best to just get through the week and settle down. No decisions til then.

Later still. No camera straps, but hungry, thinking where to go for a tuna fish sandwich and remembering I also need to go by an ATM. So we've been sitting in front of the fan both on the bed and at the computer, watching stuff on the tablet and surfing the web. Another slow afternoon. We are less than surprised.

Evening. Still very weak, so another night at the hospital in recovery. Another “we'll know more tomorrow” on my brother-in-law's condition. Stress and turmoil.

The UPS truck arrived just before eight in time to fit them to the two cameras before watching the first half of a Charlie Rose interview on the Iranian agreement, the second half on the new Apple products announcement. No thought to get another iPhone, the older one I have now still does the one thing I wanted when I got it. Looked though with interest at the new and larger tablet. Stuff. The idea at this age is to get rid of it, yet, there I sat, thinking tablet.

And then sensibly to bed.

The photo up top was taken at this year's San Francisco Cherry Blossom Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.