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September 5, 2015

To Watch

Saturday. To bed, lights out before ten to awaken twice at the usual times to get up and take a leak and then go right back to sleep. Not sure if it's the bathroom break or the side I'm sleeping on getting sore and I don't seem to be able to roll over without waking up. Still, awakening at six-thirty (we've stopped setting the alarm) to get up and out the door carrying the new camera, keeping an eye out for motorcycle gangs and single individuals skulking in the background who just happen, on an early Saturday morning, to be dressed all in black.

Well, somewhat of an overstatement. Still, a decent breakfast I wasn't able to finish, a walk back by the farmers market as it was setting up and then home walking on the lake side of the street. Nice clear day out there, they're saying not overly warm, but getting warmer as the long weekend progresses, later next week. I can do that. This. For one day, at least.

Nothing I can find in the way to festivals and such to photograph. Maybe they figure people will be out on the road on a Labor Day weekend and not in the mood for local outings and events. Then again, maybe Labor Day didn't come up when they were throwing their darts at the calendar during the planning sessions. Either one works in this world, chance playing the larger part.

Later. The walk to the ATM on Lakeshore we'd put off yesterday, setting out along the lake to snap a picture of the Capoeira dancers going at it at the white columns, the seagulls littering the shore with mussel shells - lots of mussels in the estuary, the fresh water mix doesn't seem to bother them - before walking back through the farmers market passing a large Bernie Sanders banner and then on by the lake. Our outing for the day, no doubt.

Not much of an outing for an entire day, I'd say.

Well, a decent morning and now into a decent afternoon. I had two scoops of ice cream at the ice cream shop walking back and so not particularly hungry, no urges to go out and find something to eat. Still at one hundred fifty-four pounds this morning, not a lot of change there, seems to be holding on its own, and so, nowhere to go, took an hour's nap. Felt good. We'll leave bed and tablet for later.

I've had thoughts about dumping the car and signing up for one of the local car share programs or, if I find I don't use it more than an occasional run to the supermarket, sell the car and just take cabs. I haven't driven anywhere now in three weeks. I have a doctor's appointment in Palo Alto twice a year, that's a trip where you'd like a car, but otherwise, well.... Just a thought. We'll see.

Be harder to drive to Portland, let alone move to and live in Portland, if that ever became a reality.

We'll just put it aside and mull it over later.

Evening. Maybe that corned beef hash I had for breakfast. Left half of it on the plate, probably for the best. Still can't eat “cured foods” of any kind, one of the big ones on the ocular migraine to be avoided list. All of which means I've been surfing close to some of the ocular migraine symptoms through the day, tired and the like, so again, best I'd left half the stuff behind, starving children out there or not.

Sat and watched the first few mintues of Lawence of Arabia at eight, the Saturday night movie on PBS. I'm pretty sure I've seen it before, not sure if I saw it when it was released. “Introducing Peter O'Tool”. How long ago was that? Still, bailed after those first few mintues. A big deal movie I have never for some reason gotten it together to watch.

The photo up top was taken this morning along Lake Merritt walking home from breakfast with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.