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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 4, 2015


Friday. Lights out before ten but getting an uneven night's sleep, trouble dropping off and awakening more than once to finally arise at seven, so perhaps sleeping til seven gives us sleep enough. Feel that way, anyway, now that it's ten and we're sitting here waiting on the camera and lens that are due to arrive today, hoping it arrives sooner than later and we're able to get out to an ATM, if not to take the daily construction site pictures.

You do spend a lot of time taking pictures of scoop loaders and such rather than candid portraits of people. For a candid portrait person.

I try not to think about any of that before noon.

Anyway, a walk to breakfast, none of this bus business, noting the price of gas had dropped twenty cents a gallon overnight for the long weekend. Clear skies, decent sun, a walk back to the apartment to wait on the camera to arrive. Not particularly excited over the fact it's coming, for some reason, which is maybe not a good sign.

We'll see.

We will. A lack of enthusiasm, though. Not a good sign.

Later. And the package with the camera and lens arrived at one. It took an hour to unpack the box, setup and adjust the camera strap, charge the battery, mount the lens and make the needed menu settings. I think I got to all the menu settings. A brief walk then over to the apartment house construction site deciding, when I arrived, to skip taking pictures (they'd finished for the day) and so on and over to the lake toward the 580 freeway where I had a bun and a small coffee at the coffee shop by the fitness club.

And that was it? Pictures?

I thought of walking on to the ATM on Lakeview, but then decided on the bun and coffee before returning to the apartment and catch the PBS News Hour at three. And go over the documentation again that came with the camera. How long since I'd set up the old one? Been a while, you forget the changes you made, you forget the things you added for the two years you'd had the camera. What the hell? Rationalization enough to call it a day and go by the ATM tomorrow.

I did snap one picture at the lake, another of the construction site as I was setting out down the hill. Snapshots. New camera. Two pictures on its counter.

Evening. More time in bed on the tablet.

The photo up top was taken at the City Center BART entrance last month with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.