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Here In Oakland

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September 10, 2014

Before Nine

Wednesday. Yesterday was a scrambled day. I didn't even mention I'd somehow forgotten to take my morning pills, discovering this only in the early evening. Just a small change in my morning routine, doing two tasks out of order, and I missed one of the more important tasks with the prescriptions. This on top of the haircut appointment and one or two others of no particular significance, but still, but still.

But we did get to bed early. Not quite at nine, but not long after. Lights out, but not lights out. At least I remember turning over and turning over, looking at the clock and looking at the clock. Ten, eleven, twelve, whenever. Yesterday and the night before was a long blur of naps and sleep, but still tired in the morning. Last night felt like little to no sleep and getting up an hour early at five (instead of six), puttering around at the computer to eat up the extra time (the café opens at six).

Setting out clear headed and awake, though, a clear headedness that carried straight through breakfast. I'd arrived a good fifteen minutes early, had plenty of time to digest the papers and to go on to the supermarket before returning home. How long have I been avoiding the supermarket? Still feel fine, clear headed, go figure. We'll do lights out at nine again this evening, see if a comparative lack of sleep today leads to more sleep tonight.

Your guitar teacher's band is playing in downtown Oakland tonight.

It's written on the calendar, but I don't think I've ever believed I'd put it together to actually go and take photographs. Still. I feel guilty about running construction site photographs up above and behind the title. A picture or two at their gig tonight would resolve that issue.

A walk over to the construction site to take pictures, a cement pumper parked ready to (probably) fill the support columns, they seem to do those first, workers scurrying about putting up forms for the walls that will be poured later in the week when they're done. And so pictures, our construction picture duty accomplished for the day.

Later. So far, so good. A late morning bus downtown to pick up a prescription refill. I walked over, but had no interest in lunch at the City Center and so back to the bus stop and a bus back home. A generic drug was available for the first time for this particular prescription: twenty dollars instead of one hundred dollars for a ninety day supply. Cheaper drugs are always a nice surprise.

A certain level of “funkiness” from about one in the afternoon until four, sitting here now sipping a little of the sake I'd picked up at the supermarket this morning. How long has it been since I've taken a drink? Over a month? I was careful to buy just two of the small bottles. I suspect they'll both be gone in another hour. Good preparation to listen to the President describe his rationale for more war in the Middle East. He's going to have a hard sell.

Evening. An Italian pasta this time with red clam sauce for dinner. I was looking for something other than the spaghetti, looking for the little butterfly kind or something similar. This Safeway doesn't seem to carry them, although these are small hat shaped pieces, we'll see how they go in comparison.

Interesting. I looked at my watch to time the pasta, looked at it again when I thought it was getting close to the (nine minute) time they required and discovered the watch battery was dead. Took a look at the computer clock, yes they were ready to pull out, did so, ate the stuff (not great, but not bad) and retired the watch to the dresser top in the bedroom. We'll get the battery replaced tomorrow.

Listened to the President and then went to bed well before nine.

The photo up top was taken today at the construction site with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.