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September 9, 2014

On The List

Tuesday. Didn't even look at Foyle's War last night, but went to bed instead. Listened to the radio for a bit, yes, but turned the lights out before ten. Up at least once (and more probably twice), but what you'd think, at least given my history, a decent night's sleep. Comparatively. Up half an hour after the alarm. OK, slept in an additional thirty minutes, probably there for the best.

Off to breakfast feeling fine, feeding a dollar into the meter for those thirty minutes, a decent breakfast over the papers. Home to look at yesterday's entry, make corrections and then decide to bail and take a nap before posting. Look at it later. It still needs work. Which I did, sleeping for a good hour only to be awakened by a phone call. My barber. Where was I? Oh. We were here in bed and not at the City Center getting our hair cut, something marked clearly on the kitchen calendar. Not a good sign.

Maybe play with the time we get to bed. An hour earlier. None of this lights out by ten stuff. The days are getting shorter, we can change it to nine. Lights out by nine. He said.

I did get in a walk by the construction site to take pictures after getting up, finishing yesterday's entry and posting. A trip to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar, back to Bellevue to continue taking pictures, none of the workers paying me any attention. The old man with a camera, he seems harmless enough. Click!

Later. And, since returning from breakfast, tired. The morning spent lying down for more time than not right up to the time for the guitar lesson. Same thing happened last week. So up, on the bus, over to the Rotunda building for a raspberry shortcake cookie and coffee before heading to the lesson. We sat for half an hour parting ways. No more guitar lessons for the while, likely forever, but we'll not make any rules about that. Tired. As said.

A bus back to the apartment, getting off early to go by the 7-11 look-alike (a roll of Necco wafers for no reason), a single picture of the construction site as I passed by. The picture, taken using something called Live View where (in this case) you hold the camera up over your head (pointed over the fence) and take the picture looking up at the display on the camera back, was badly out of focus. The first time this has happened. Life will not end.

Later still. And so the “tiredness” has passed, although the upper palate and sinuses are sensitive. Aching, really, but nothing too serious. The head pretty clear. A Tuesday where I don't have to start preparing for another guitar lesson. I've been wondering if there's any way I can rekindle the interest and energy again. Next month would have marked my fourth year of lessons. Again, no practice hanging over my head. A quite civilized parting with my teacher, I was obviously not happy about stopping, we'll see if the structure the lessons added to my life has an effect. You think about these things when there's an emotional component involved, not sure any of the thoughts you have about it lead to anything solid.

Evening. There's a Frontline on at ten I suspect I'd like to see, but we'll check later tomorrow to see if we can't find it online. To bed whenever as long as it's lights out by nine.

Watched a movie on the tablet early in the evening that stopped at one point when I felt the mouth acting up (went dry, ached, sputtered) and the movie suddenly took a weird dogleg and merged (briefly) with the brain. Hmm. Who was I? Lasted but a minute before I realized it was an ocular incident that hadn't lasted for more than fifteen minutes and only two or three of those minutes where the world was disconnected, but still. Not watching the diet today for forbidden foods? I can now eat them, but need to avoid eating too many in a short time.

As in?

Corned beef hash this morning, a chocolate covered ice cream bar.

And that's it?

Doesn't seem like enough, does it? Maybe that raspberry shortcake cookie, the sugar in the coffee in the Rotunda building. Was there anything else I'd eaten on the list?

The photo up top was taken this morning on Bellevue with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.