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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 11, 2014

Uncertain World

Thursday. To bed early, up (once or was it twice?) to roll over/take a leak, awakening with the alarm to set off to breakfast feeling mildly coherent and reasonably good. The watch, for some reason, had started working again, but we'll get the battery replaced when we get the haircut at noon. There's a couple of batteries I've been thinking to pick up for the cameras at the City Center Radio Shack as well, get them before Radio Shack goes into receivership I'm reading might happen soon. When's the last time I've bought anything at a Radio Shack?

Hints of a grumpy sounding morning from that first paragraph.

No really. The sun seems to be showing itself early, which I suppose is good, although it's supposed to get hotter than hell later, a spare the air day and all the rest.

Later. The dry mouth. None of the other less pleasant symptoms, but it makes me think it's caused by whatever it was I'd eaten for breakfast. Back to the drawing board on breakfasts.

Otherwise, the dry mouth now gone, the morning starts out well. A bus downtown to the ATM on Broadway and then a walk to the City Center for coffee and a ginger bun of some kind at a table in the sun. Got the haircut (much shorter this time) and then headed for the bus, walking by the shop I've used to buy watch batteries in the past (I almost forgot to do that, but there was the shop and the little light went off), back home ready to take a series of naps. Up now (at three in the afternoon) feeling like starting the day again.

Perhaps, should ever repeat this life again, you should become a licensed health professional and get paid for all this weird dry mouth, creatures scurrying about inside the walls gibberish.

Evening. Another slow, somewhat foggy, not really sure what's going on day. More time watching this and that on the tablet than any sentient being should, no time on the guitar now for two days running, but at least taking care of necessary errands: haircut, pictures, watch battery, naps. These are accomplishments enough I'd say for a September day.

You ate what and when you wanted and didn't need to worry about a roof over your head.

An odd set of superficial concerns to absorb one's attention while living in the middle of a very large, often vicious and uncertain world.

Without sake.

Without sake. (Q.E.D.)

The photo up top was taken today at the construction site with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.