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September 6, 2014

Keep At It

Saturday. When did I get to sleep, last night? I wasn't able to watch the George Gently episode at eight on public television, something about the series, perhaps the time period when it was made, turns me off. Why then I'm able to watch New Tricks (at seven) without comment is a mystery, but then so I find many things in this wide world anymore.

Anyway, slept in a good half hour, off to breakfast to feed the meter for half an hour to make it straight. If only all the other “slips” in this life were so easy to fix. Home then after a brief thought that was easily blown away of going by the supermarket, we'll take care of that tomorrow. Maybe. The Autumn Moon Festival in San Francisco today and tomorrow, something called the Mission Creek Oakland Art & Music Festival today in Oakland, we'll go to one or the other, and, if we're still halfway conscious after attending one today, we'll take on the other tomorrow. Hup!

Already I feel doubt.

Maybe we'll both feel better after a nap.

Later. A nap. No sleep, but refreshing none the less. A long debate on whether to head out the door or not. A walk over to the lake to at least test the air resulting in the picture up top, back to the apartment to deal with the fact I really didn't want to go out again, music festival on Telegraph or not. Hmm.

The compromise was to take along but one camera, leave the backpack with a camera with the long lens behind and so out the door and on to the bus. A walk then over to Telegraph when we reached Broadway, a picture or two along the way to 25th Street where this thing was supposed to be taking place.

And it was, inside a large building, but not many people present. And no one playing, the noon hour band probably packing up with the follow on band setting up and me standing outside the place looking for reasons to split. Which I did. Walked back to Grand along Broadway and ran smack into the bus as it arrived. Kismet was the thought.

Lunch then consisted of getting off the bus early to pick up an ice cream bar and a package of Necco wafers at the 7-11 look-alike, running into a picture as I was walking the rest of the way home. I'd passed by him as he was sitting at a table outside of the Coffee With A Beat Café just after getting off the bus.

And so the day has started slowly, as many days, these days, start slowly. More energy now, not that it will lead to going out again or, perish the thought, heading over to the city to take a look at the Autumn Moon Festival in Chinatown. I'm assuming I'll feel the same way tomorrow, maybe it's best that what I call the photography season is over at the end of this month.

Which means?

Whatever it means it will change into something else by the late afternoon, the moods change with the days and the nights, the phases of the moon and the weather.

Maybe best to stop.

Evening. More episodes of a television series on both the computer and the tablet with some time - not enough time, but some time - on the guitar. That riff I've been practicing over and over now for some time seems to have come together and I no longer mis-finger it very often. Just like that. There's a part of you that's muttering in the background it's impossible to master and then it clicks, just like that. I'm not there yet, but progress is apparent.

So far no luck with the new mattress allowing me to sleep straight through at night, but I should have expected that. Comfortable, though. We'll keep at it.

The photo up top was taken today at Grand and Euclid with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.