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September 5, 2014

A Lot Going On

Friday. To bed to watch this and that on the tablet, still plowing through Justified, season by season, episode by episode. I'm up and down on the series. The acting is good, the dialogue is snappy, the story line is, well....

It must have something going for it.

I admit it seems better than many of the others.

And so, after spending all that time on the tablet, to sleep later than I'd have liked by an hour, although up with the alarm easily enough to head off to breakfast. I hadn't photographed the gas sign yesterday morning when I saw the price of regular was blank, the others some two cents lower, but they'd obviously reduced prices yesterday and then lowered them again this morning. Why I continue tracking it is a mystery, other than it's easy to do (even if I missed taking a picture yesterday) and fits comfortably into the morning routine. The rut. The habit.

And so you're complaining.

Actually not. I seem happy enough paddling about in my little picture taking pond (which can be a more disturbing thought at times than so slavishly taking the gas price photographs themselves).


I ask the question now and again without finding an answer.

One lone pandorea flower this morning. No others on either of the two vines. More will bloom later? I'm guessing yes, but it too is a gas price-like addiction: pictures almost daily.

Stuff coming up to photograph today and through the weekend. They'll probably wear me out, make for a slow and tired start to the coming week, but better that than the alternative.

Later. Sleep was definitely needed as I actually slept for an hour as opposed to listening to the radio drone on in a fog. Felt good, the sun having arrived when I awoke after a dark overcast morning. Makes for a cool night's rest, this coastal fog. No complaints.

A walk over to the construction site, more work going on putting up forms for what is now the third floor support columns and walls, so a walk on to the Bellevue side to take the usual set of photographs. The heart wasn't in it, but then the heart wasn't out of it, either. A walk then on to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar. I've been buying ice cream bars lately instead of cones. Same price, but they're smaller and taste better. Probably better for you. Smaller. He said, passing money over the counter.

Back to process the pictures and put together more web pages for the construction web site section that seems to be making progress. As said, a First Friday this evening: a free street concert over off Broadway on Telegraph near Grand. So far I'm thinking of going, although with me, you never know. Sometimes I know, but won't say, although today is not one of those.

Later still. A late afternoon period of clear headed energy, recognizing it only when I realized I'd just finished mopping the kitchen floor and scrubbing the crud off the top of the stove. Where'd that come from? Wouldn't mind this kind of thing happening more often.

I'm not going to photograph the free First Friday concert later this evening. Too much going on over the weekend. One will wear me down, two will wear me out, but three should not to be attempted.

Evening. Although I'd read about it, I'd forgotten there was an Urban Shield protest scheduled over at the Marriott Hotel Convention Center late this afternoon, Urban Shield a five day convention put together by Homeland Security for domestic and foreign police departments where they display all kinds of exotic hardware for attendees.

With the recent Ferguson tragedy it's evidently attracted a larger protest crowd. I've photographed it in the past, this their eighth annual event at the Marriott, but I should have made a note on the calendar. We'll still stay inside tonight, but there's a lot going on.

The photo up top was taken today at Grand and Euclid with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.