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Here In Oakland

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September 7, 2014

And Gone

Sunday. To sleep not all that late, up twenty minutes after the alarm is usually set to sound, off to breakfast with the three large Sunday papers in tow. Ho, ho. Back home now feeling pretty good. Didn't run by the supermarket as I suggested I would yesterday, but that's more consistency than prevarication. We've been about to go to the supermarket in the mornings now for weeks.

Have no idea what the day may bring. I may even go over to the Autumn Moon Festival in San Francisco, although, like my on to the supermarket in the mornings routine, I wouldn't put money on it.

Later. What to say? Not even a short walk over to the lake. A short lie down on the bed to see if we couldn't start with a nap - no, but again, felt good having tried - to get up and watch the rest of the fourth season of Justified on the computer. Six hours straight? Something like that. There's a fifth season where they charge you for each episode, I suspect they figure if you've actually watched the entire first four seasons you'll now be willing to pay in order to watch through the fifth, but I've had enough of this series to last for a life.

Evening approaches. A large breakfast this morning and so not much for lunch, might skip dinner, although I suspect we'll change our mind about that. Nice day out there, they're saying even warmer days on the way next week. Some time on the guitar so we'll see if we can get in a decent session before the evening is finished. Nothing on television, but I've watched enough on television and a tablet for a day (or a life).

We are at the edge of babble.

We live on the edge.

Evening. More time on the guitar, but not enough. Took a while to get back into that riff again without making mistakes, so more time and practice are needed. Always more.

To bed early to start another four episode series set in Wales on the tablet, deciding to get up and see what was playing on Masterpiece Mystery at nine, found it wanting (in my less than humble opinion) and went back to bed again. A day frittered away staring at electronic shadows on a screen. Both comfortable and discomforting. The Ying/Yang of our time.

We're well over the edge.

And gone.

The photo up top was taken yesterday walking along Telegraph with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.