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September 2, 2014

Have Elapsed

Tuesday. And so to bed early enough, no tablet viewing, I'd done enough during the day (I'm finding the characters in the series Justified less and less sympathetic as I go along, although the acting is interesting). To sleep to get up but once? I'm writing this just after eleven in the morning and I can't remember? Well, not uncommon. The mattress that is supposed to cure all this getting up at night isn't due until tomorrow, a day later than I'd thought, but once we have it in place we'll know soon enough.

A little slow this morning, the cloud cover is going to last for quite a while. The usual breakfast, the usual drive home by eight to lie down for twenty minutes rather than finish yesterday's entry first thing. Better now. One fifty-three on the scale this morning, not sure why it continues to go down, not something I'm working at. Maybe start eating a larger lunch, more ice cream. Something.

A quick walk over to the apartment house construction site to take the usual pictures. Lots of hoses have been laid in place on the cement second floor that I'm guessing will soon be covered with cement. The next time I talk with the construction manager I'll ask what they're for. Be interesting if they're designed to hold water, act as an energy efficient heating/cooling system of some sort. But then I have no idea and pull these guesses out of an ear. Either ear, both of them share high failure rates.

Better than pulling them out of another place.

Now, now. The day has started in whatever way, but it's been trending toward well. The guitar lesson in another three hours. Time to think about that.

Later. And so the mattress arrived a day early in a tall squarish box you wouldn't think from the size had a mattress inside until you opened the air sealed wrapper and it unfolded into a mattress all over the place. Interesting way to ship a mattress. It now sits in place of the old mattress. Expensive, the old mattress when I bought it, but that's the way it goes.

And, now feeling tired and crappy, I canceled out on the guitar lesson for this afternoon. The thought of taking the bus with a guitar in tow was daunting and I crapped out at the last minute. Not good. I'm wondering what that says for the future if it gets even worse. Still, meant I was here when the mattress arrived, the delivery guy standing at the door with it sitting on a dolly, a dolly he was more than happy to run into the elevator and then into my apartment entrance hall. Made life easier, let me tell you.

Some sleep tonight. I hope. On this new mattress designed for those who sleep on their side. It's been a long afternoon, not sure why.

Evening. Nothing on television and so to bed early to try out this mattress. The instructions say it can take up to seventy-two hours to fully re-inflate and settle in, although it's good to sleep on it as your body temperature helps with the process. Nothing really wrong with the old mattress, other than all the mattress comments on the web say this new one is better for those who sleep on their side. I'll judge it starting when those seventy-two hours have elapsed.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Oakland Pride Street Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.