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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


September 1, 2014

Stumble Along

Monday. To bed, as said, after eight. Lights out after nine to awaken at five-thirty. Too early by half an hour, but a straight through the night of sleep. Two in a row. Conked out for another half hour to then head out to breakfast at seven, instead of the usual six-thirty, feeling, well, relatively rested. Maybe I shouldn't have ordered that mattress that's arriving tomorrow. Too quick on the trigger click. Another one of those bad habits ultimately needing attention. At least I haven't recently ordered/bought any more camera gear.

Clear skies this morning, not sure what the day may hold. There is something going on in Oakland, not sure if it's indoors or outdoors, but an event of some kind with music and such, I'm sure we'll drop by. Sure at nine in the morning, anyway, wouldn't bet on it for later.

You're learning.


Later. No thoughts of a nap, a walk over to the lake passing by three pelicans swimming the shoreline fishing for their lunch. Hate to think what lunch might be. On to sit at a bench by the pergola for maybe fifteen minutes, no particular thought to go anywhere other than to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar. Which I did, passing this car that had been pulled over, wondering what they'd done. Speeding? Running a light within the sight of a black and white?

On to the look-alike, back to pass by the pulled over car still sitting in place. How long had it taken me to walk those few blocks and back? Been a while since I've gotten a ticket, but I don't remember it taking it all that long to write.

Are you confusing Oakland, CA with Ferguson, MO?

How could anyone confuse our Oakland with this Ferguson business?

Took my time when I got home finishing yesterday's Pride Street Festival pictures, but they're finally up. One or two good ones, the rest OK. I was wrong earlier when I thought I had more than a section's worth that were good enough to post. I didn't. Just enough for one on HereInOakland and artandlife.

The “event of some kind” I mentioned this morning is a free music street festival being held over near the port. Feel pretty good, which is good, but don't feel like putting out the effort required to go find it and take photographs, so I won't. It's a feast or famine lottery around here for photographs with the odds more often than not stacked in our favor and so we can be picky. And lazy.

Evening. Watched a Death In Paradise I'd seen before, always the same plot structure, always the same gags, but of interest to me none the less. I guess. To bed then early, the two PBS television programs that follow impossible for me to watch. Mr. & Mrs. Murder, I cringe just writing the title.

You're out of step with modern television life.

We stumble along into the future as best we can.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at the Oakland Pride Street Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.