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Here In Oakland

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September 3, 2014

He Promised

Wednesday. Any better sleep on this new whoop-dee-do mattress? No. Up once during the night. Still, takes time for it to settle in, the instructions said, we'll leave the old mattress sitting up leaning against one of the bedroom book cases, test this new one properly before getting rid of the old one, the old one still quite comfortable. Save the new mattress cover to replace the old one if we decide all this has been in vain. We will.

Doesn't sound as if you're quite under control. Out to get a new mattress at the drop of a hat.

I've been noticing recent small errors in the journal pages, changes made to accommodate a picture size that wasn't corrected the next day(s), routine changes in dates that weren't made and the like. I catch them and correct them eventually, but they're not a good sign. Another sign we're flipping out? Grinding to a halt?

Awake none the less before the alarm, up and out the door a bit early to go by the Lakeshore ATM before breakfast, the Lakeshore ATM “temporarily out of order” according to the sign. Fine. Put breakfast on the bank card, still enough to leave the tip in cash. Not sure why that should ruffle my feathers, but it did. Does. A little. No real complaints.

A metal grey sky and so maybe the sun will take longer to appear this morning, home now to maybe take a nap, maybe take a walk over to the construction site. They were pouring cement on the second floor as I drove by this morning. Laying the cement over those hoses? We'll find out. The excitement for the day, I suspect: nap, Portland cement.

Later. A walk to the construction site to find that indeed, they were pouring the rest of the second story floor. Lots of cement. Lots of work. No thought to cross over to the lake, the sidewalk was blocked off for the cement trucks on the construction site side and the lake didn't look all that interesting looking at it from above as I detoured to take pictures from the Bellevue side.

Back to the apartment feeling OK, the sun out reasonably early, but the head still in a bubble not unlike it had been yesterday. An odd existence these last whatever number of months, still getting outside, but less stamina maybe, and what I'm calling a bubble brought on by my current existence and/or age. I'm suspecting both.

A walk soon after to the bus stop to catch a bus to the Broadway ATM, need to get that taken care of, a walk then to the café by the Church of Christ the Light to eat a couple of small cookie like things (chocolate) and coffee out at a table by the fountain. A small coffee that I didn't finish. Too strong the way they're preparing coffee these days.

Another bus back to the apartment, one picture as I was passing by the construction site, home to continue watching Justified on the tablet in bed. Not sure the damned thing is good for your head. Again, odd set of characters, the main character has by now (at the start of the third season) shot too many people to count and lost his wife twice. Sympathize with the lady, not the sort of guy you'd want, I'd think, if you're looking for stability in raising a family.

Evening. Better. Clearer, the bubble image fading. Nothing on television and so to bed early to pick up the tablet, yes, but not for long (he promised).

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Oakland Pride Street Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.