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September 6, 2012

Too Much
Thursday. I said to bed early and I did get to bed early, so good for me. Up with the alarm without too much trouble, off to breakfast and back to read the papers. Yes, I checked the coverage of last night's speeches, but no more so than I have of the others. Obama has a lot to answer for and, if the alternative wasn't so bankrupt, I'd not care one way or another if he were re-elected, but again, given the alternative, well, given the alternative I'll undoubtedly pull the lever. It won't matter one way or another in California, we don't have a single Republican holding statewide office, but, well.... Pftttt!!!

Nobody cares about any of that.

Yeah, but I need to (more occasionally than I should) blow off the steam. Life in this world seems to generate more than its share of steam. Can get you in trouble.

The guitar lesson at noon, so we'll do a little preparation for that. I've been thinking I've been ready for it now for the last two days, but I've learned its easy to kid yourself and screw it up from lick one. We'll work on that lick one (a little later).

Later. I managed to forget to bring this month's payment with me to the guitar lesson, so after it was over I drove back home, wrote the check and then walked back to drop it in his mailbox. A senior moment? Just as I wrote my rent check earlier this month for a dollar off the correct amount, remembering on the 2nd of the month it was due on the 1st. Not for the first time. No big deal, one gets wound up in one's own little world, it's a new month, yes, but not recollecting the one or two important things that implied.

The lesson went, well, OK. Not as well as I was expecting, but we make progress. Some more chords from George Harrison's Something to practice, good, we're up for that. The set of chords for today went reasonably well, although the blues riff I thought I had down could have been better. Much better.

Anyway, dropped off the check, walked down the hill to the morning café for strawberry ice cream and a lemonade, a further walk back home. A further walk farther back home? Probably. Here now with the news droning on in the background, we'll get on with the guitar, prepare for next Thursday and the (one hopes) the many Thursdays to follow.

Forgetting a check isn't the end of the world.

Too many forgets and I'll have to start planning alternatives for the future. All kinds of alternatives.

Later still. I remembered (we were having our difficulties remembering, as you if not I may remember) there was a Bradley Manning demonstration scheduled at five this afternoon at 14th and Broadway, their idea being to march on the local Democratic headquarters offices just down the way. The last time they'd had one of these I'd shown up with the cameras, found all of about four people forming up in front of City Hall, decided it wasn't worth the effort and went home, missing the reported hundred people who evidently did eventually show up and “occupied” the Democratic Party headquarters.

So I thought about it for a while, found ways to rationalize skipping it (it was late, I was sitting comfortably inside playing the guitar), all the while thinking this as I was packing up the gear, checking the bus schedule and walking out the door to find myself running at the end for another bus that was arriving ahead of schedule. Or behind schedule.

So I did go, arrived half an hour before it was to start, sat waiting in the City Center over a cup of coffee, went by the advertised corner at five, saw no one about, walked on to the Democratic Party headquarters to find no Bradley Manning looking demonstrators in evidence and hopped another bus home. No complaints. I was worried I'd flake for no good reason. So good. We didn't flake.

To read in tomorrow's papers they did indeed arrive (late again), trashed the headquarters (again) and you and your little cameras (again) missed the show. Ho, ho.

Things do happen.

Evening. Watched some of the various speeches, including some of the President's, really didn't watch enough to form an opinion. Odd that I didn't. I've always followed both party's conventions in the past, listening to the commentary and the speeches, but these for me have been something of a bust. Interesting at some level I guess, but, well, I've said enough. Too much.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Street Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.