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September 5, 2012

To Bed Early
Wednesday. To bed again early, although this time I don't remember having trouble getting to sleep. I'd say good if I hadn't gotten up three times to take a leak and, I suspect, more importantly, to turn over because whatever side I was sleeping on was aching. Not sure why I do that, why not just turn over in my sleep as I've done in the past, but we aren't the ones in charge here anymore and it's useless to mention. Well, complain. No harm in mentioning other than in branding yourself a wuss.

Overcast, they're saying a twenty percent chance of thunderstorms later, so maybe the day will roll out somewhat differently than we've seen in the recent past. Rain and such. Still, up well after the alarm at six-thirty, off to breakfast and back by eight-thirty, feeling pretty good.

I've been following the arctic ice extent, again not sure why, but I find it interesting. We're setting another record, have already set the record again for minimum summer ice extent. I'll be curious how the earth deals with it after I'm gone (not that my being around to see it would make any difference) as once this thing gets past a certain point, the results will remain in place for tens of thousands of years.

And what are these results? No one really knows, but they range from bad to catastrophic. There are always lots of “the world is going to end” people around whatever the question, but as the people who study this learn more, their projections are getting worse and worse.

So, from just a curiosity perspective, it would be nice to know how it plays out. Wasn't it Robert Frost who speculated about fire and ice? He wasn't particular about the method used to end the last act, but it's looking more like fire, these days, and more than a few species saying sayonara.

Now, now. Take your meds, lay off the coffee.

Later. A brief nap to clear the head of any thoughts of ocular this or thats, off then to have lunch at the morning café, walking down Grand under Highway 580 and having a half egg salad sandwich, mocha chip ice cream and coffee. A quick picture of their pandoreas when leaving, a snapshot of the lake on the way back. Not much happening, nothing too different, nothing in the way of pictures anyway, and I do think about that - the sameness day to day - but seem to maintain my balance, so a good day I'd have to say. Hey. Hay.


Later still. The DVD/Blu Ray player that was due to arrive tomorrow arrived this afternoon, the old DVD player having given up the ghost. This new one cost half what the old one cost and does about three times as much. Weird, but common, no new news to the world. So good, we can play DVD's again. Too bad I don't still have that subscription to Netflix.

More guitar, we'll get in a good day today. Feel better about the lesson as I'm able to move between the chords lickety split these last couple of sessions. My definition of lickety split may allow a certain amount of leeway, but still, feels like we're moving forward.

I mentioned the pandoreas above, flowers I'd been told were petunias, pandoreas it turns out native to Australia. For some reason I keep taking their picture. If I had space for a garden I think I might grow some. Odd thought for this old fart. Another odd thought is to attempt to photograph them properly. Much more to be done with depth of field, lighting and background, as there's much to be done with depth of field, lighting and background in the taking of any photograph, but an odd thought for this photographer who doesn't push himself particularly to get his hands and head around them. Ah, well.

Evening. So I watched most of Bill Clinton's nomination speech. He is a good speaker. I wish I'd seen more of Elisabeth Warren's speech (I've sent her money in the past, like what she's been doing, so I'm prejudiced in her favor), but maybe I'll watch it on the web. I'm sure it's out there.

Other than that, a good evening, to bed early.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Street Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.