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September 4, 2012

All Things Considered
Tuesday. To bed early (good), not sure how long it took to get to sleep (less good), but it seems a much shorter period the morning after looking back than it did while in the middle of it groggily asking myself the question. How late is it? Why am I not drifting off? Did I drift off? How late is it? One reason I wonder is that sometimes, after a night when I felt I was having trouble getting to sleep, I get up the next morning feeling wide awake and well rested. Probably more often than when I awake dragging ass. Go figure.

And this morning?

Not so bad, not so bad. It's overcast, it's cool. Up with the alarm, a little slow in rising, but off to breakfast and back at the usual hour, here now after working diligently on yesterday's entry before posting. It needed work, still needs work, but there comes a time when you just say the hell with it. Actually, you just say fuck it, but that's a bit more crude than we'd like to be this early in the day, our still sleeping sensibilities torpedoing our otherwise purposeful prose.

Best to do a reset, I think, come back later with a clearer head.

Later. A bus downtown to sit out at a table in the City Center in the sun with a cup of coffee and a buttered bagel watching the people pass by. Not sure why, but a walk then back home taking my time, taking not a picture, although I was carrying the camera in hand, arriving back here at the apartment around noon. Doodle-dee-doon. Not sure what that says about the coming afternoon, but I'm in a reasonably good mood, from the feel of it, and might as well pick up the guitar and start today's practice. We have some time to catch up on from our somewhat delinquent weekend, but we will, we will.

Later still. A nice hour's nap and now about an hour, when stitched together, on the guitar. We're making progress. Lots of sun without all the heat, must be in the low seventies at the most (well, the weather site says seventy-five) and all is well.

There's a Democratic nominating convention going on this week, I didn't watch the Republican convention (although I did listen to a bit of Clint Eastwood's speech), but skimmed over it in the morning news. I'll probably do with same with the Democrats. One party frightens me, the other party is depressing. Too much fear and depression in the world as it is.

Evening. More time on the guitar. I've been thinking of heading down the hill to have sushi and sake. I won't, but it's a sign of a certain familiar clear headed jumpiness, feeling a kind of upbeat speediness that makes me want to get out of the house and kick back with alcohol, something that more common when I was young. We'll watch Maigret when it comes on and continue to practice.


So a good day, I'd say. Got in a decent walk, have gotten in a decent practice session so far (the fingertips are tingling and those impossible changes between chords are getting closer to the needed tempo) so we'll continue on into the evening. And go to bed at a decent hour. How absolutely depressing exhilarating.

Recap. I'd seen the Maigret before, but again, had no idea who'd done it until well toward the end, playing along as I watched. Skipped out on the Democratic convention, got to bed relatively early. A not bad day and evening, all things considered.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Street Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.