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September 7, 2012

To Bed By Ten
Friday. To bed before ten, up two times (or was it three times?) to take a pee (probably ill advised to discuss such, but I guess this is now the present and probably the future of a night's sleep) and then up with the alarm on a nice sunny morning to head out at the usual time and return from breakfast from the usual place. The morning really is nice, we'll see what kind of day it brings.

Need to get another Protime (blood thinner test) to see if the reductions they made two weeks ago have taken effect. Well, they'll have taken effect, it only takes two or three days, but we'll see if the new readings are in the ball park. This monthly blood testing has been going on so long now it's become background noise, something I don't really think about, and whether or not these adjustments mean anything, well, I have no idea and haven't asked any questions. They say go and do, so I go and do.

The Protime, a prescription to pick up and the first Friday of the month Art Murmur later in the early evening comprise the excitement for the day. I've been skipping them in these last months, but it seems to be the only thing happening to photograph this weekend and we'll do with it what we can. I have the entire day to configure a way to weasel out. (Ah, the Solano Stroll is Sunday, the weekend is now filled.)

Later. We managed to set every record for waiting in line this morning, but no matter, the day has started well. A bus down to Broadway, another bus to the hospital lab, another bus downtown to pick up the balance of a prescription I'd set out to retrieve earlier this week.

My habit of getting testy when waiting or sitting in line was, well, tested, and I came through pretty much unharmed. The hospital check in, the lab, the bus, the pharmacy, all set records for potential frustration. Life sends you little tests and today, for these at least, I think I passed.

It's been cool through the morning, although it's finally heated up now that it's afternoon. They were setting up tables in the City Center promoting an upcoming prize fight at the Oracle Arena tomorrow, so I sat out at a table off to the side in front of the bagel shop, drank coffee, ate a bagel and watched. They occasionally have these promotional events at the center, but I was somewhat surprised to see how much effort was going into this one. When's the last time I've watched a fight? Ali and one of his opponents I'd guess.

Home now. We'll see if we can start early on the guitar. I got in some good time yesterday, kidded myself into thinking I was making progress. Sometimes it's good to kid yourself you're doing well, even when you're not (he said, confidently) when it adds fuel to the fire. You don't want your guitar fire to go unattended, now, or it may well flicker out.

Later still. I have, on and off, been threatening to replace the furniture in this place, referring to the current furniture as “junk”. This afternoon I placed an order for two leather recliner chairs (on sale, they claimed, from Macy's) that are on back order, but (she said) will be delivered pretty quick from the look on her computer screen. Well, they can take their time, but now it's time to actually clean this place out up.

Two chairs to replace all the furniture in an apartment?

Not all, but close.

You really are in bad shape.

You call yourself “Self” and you haven't noticed?

Evening. The doctor's office called and the Protime results are finally on target. They've been out of bounds now for the last month or so and they've been adjusting the dosage every week or two attempting to correct it. So, good.

Half heartedly watched the Italian police procedural at six, playing along with it on the guitar, watched pieces of another Korean drama I'll never admit to having watched (we do try to maintain some shred of credibility) and a Foyle's War thing on PBS. All while playing along on the guitar. I often start the week doing well with the guitar and then flake out, we'll see if I remain consistent and hit a wall for one or two days starting this weekend. We'll see. I hope not.

Blew off the Art Murmur (it was getting dark, don't like to wander around with the cameras in the dark) and so was in bed by ten.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Street Festival with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.