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Here In Oakland

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October 28, 2016

To None

Friday. I don't remember all that much about sleep last night, so I'm assuming it went well before awakening at six to remember the schedule didn't require shaving, the replacement razor due to arrive later today, and so took my time getting up and dressed, checking for rain (a very light rain) and deciding it was best to drive. The better decision as it wasn't really “raining”, as such, but it did require wipers set on low. Slow. Whatever it's called.

Still no East Bay Times, but I assume it will start again tomorrow. A pork chop, no eggs, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, as we were at one-fifty on the scale this morning. Finished at just after eight to take a quick picture of the gas sign to document the six cent rise in regular and then drive home.

They're saying rain through the rest of the day today. No complaints, we're stuck here inside until we've received not only the electric razor, but other end of month deliveries from Amazon.

Later. No real rain since earlier this morning. Overcast, of course, grey clouds. One of the two deliveries arrived before noon, but still waiting on the one that includes the electric razor. Don't want to miss it and then have it arrive on Monday. Saturday would be OK. Well, whatever, we're not going anywhere until it arrives.

Watched the rest of Code Black on the tablet. My sensitivities really have changed as I've aged, less able to warm up to unremitting angst, pain, tears and held in hand human organs. Still, only two or three people died, others were stitched together and seemingly saved by the time the episode was over.

Later still. The razor finally arrived and is now sitting by the bathroom sink, charging. I finally put on reading glasses and looked at the two day stubble in the bathroom mirror. A fair amount, about half of it grey, maybe more. It goes away in the morning.

Some work on the photograph up above before printing it on 11"x14" paper (we haven't been making prints lately and feel we should) and then replacing the image I'd used above and on artandlife with this one. Her face is a little lighter with a different cropping. Have I mentioned I need to work on my Lightroom/Photoshop chops? Could this be a small step forward?

World Series game three starts at five and so we'll watch or, at least, listen to it in the background as we do this and that around here. Guitar maybe. Have I made any progress at all on the guitar? No, but I may not have lost too much of the little I'd learned of it either.

He said.

I know, I know.

Evening. Watching the game while futzing around on the web and the guitar. One to nothing: Indians. Checked out New Tricks at seven, switching back and forth during the advertising breaks during the game, the same with Charlie Rose/Dalziel & Pasco at eight. Stayed until the last batter came up in the ninth before heading to bed, switching to the radio to hear him strikeout and Cleveland win one to none.

The photo up top was taken last Sunday at the Berkeley Sunday Streets with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.