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October 29, 2016

Long Gone

Saturday. I'm guessing a decent night's sleep. Up a couple of times to take a leak, not unusual, and thoughts at the time it was difficult getting to sleep and then back to sleep, but awakening at seven, an hour later than usual, and so I'm assuming we did get enough rest.

Anyway, up to use the new electric razor for the first time. I'd had the old one for - what? - ten years? More? I'd recently replaced the head, but for some reason never suspected the unit itself was falling apart and needed replacement, bad battery or not. The new one took maybe three minutes of get rid of the stubble where the old one would take fifteen minutes and I'd have to turn the radio up in order to hear it over the noise it made. The new one is practically silent.

Just cruising along oblivious to all in your own little world.

Today I'm ordering a replacement for the electric toothbrush. It's failing as well, needing recharging after every use, the recharge taking a couple of hours. Best to do it before we go back into the fog.

Anyway, a drive to breakfast instead walking, the rain this morning much like yesterday's rain, again running late, still without the East Bay Times and so feeding a dollar into the meter so we could read the papers without worrying about meter maids.

Later. The sun came out (looks to be a nice day) and so out the door and over to the lake to take a couple of pictures of the Ginga Mundo Capoeira group, gathered in a circle by the white column pergola, before heading on to the farmers market for a waffle square, topped with whipped cream, asking, as I was eating it, why exactly had I done this? It doesn't really taste or go down all that well. Still, I've eaten them in the past and I'm doing it again right now. Go figure.

Otherwise, process the pictures and watch (or listen to, while processing the pictures) a couple of episodes of Law & Order. This is the Saturday “Special Victims Unit” Law & Order rather than the Wednesday Law & Order series that spends the last half of their episodes trying the case in court and is able, sometimes successfully, to challenge your beliefs. Unfortunately today's tends to focus on rape and child molesters to the point I bail and watch something else. Still, today's series is often straightforward enough I'm able to get my head around it.

You're making excuses.

What can you expect from someone who admits to watching this stuff?

Later still. A nice day, a clear sunny day, although they're still saying rain later tonight with intermittent rain and possible thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon for the Dia de los Muertos street festival. Let's hope they're wrong.

Evening. The Cubs and the Indians tonight. It is, after all, the World Series. We all played baseball as kids, although Seattle didn't have a major league team where I was born, seeing my first game at Yankee Stadium after we'd moved to New York. The Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox, Mantle and Maris playing for the Yankees, Ted Williams playing for the Sox. This in 1956 or '57? '58? Whenever it was it's obviously too long gone.

The photo up top was taken last Sunday at the Berkeley Sunday Streets with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.