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Here In Oakland

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October 27, 2016

The Lights

Thursday. An uneven night's sleep in the sense I got up three times to take a leak, a function, I'm guessing, of drinking too much V-8 juice during the day, but it seems to have worked out well as I awoke just before six to listen to the five minute KPFA news summary and then the first twenty minutes of Democracy Now as I was getting ready, skipped shaving (no electric razor) and headed out walking to breakfast.

The usual morning sequence, the body stumbling up to speed (do I really want to walk?), but ultimately feeling pretty good as I headed out the door, no muggers or such skulking about, and walking on, taking another early morning picture along Grand and noticing what looked to be a film crew van parked by the Grand Fare Market, people getting ready to serve breakfast from folding tables. OK. Have no idea what they've been shooting in these recent sessions.

Walking back by the van I saw they'd set up a single light and a white background, none of the other elaborate lighting stands and such I've seen them preparing to use in the past, and so a picture or two to make note. I guess. Should have been more aggressive and taken more.

Overcast all the way, but no rain. Looked like there'd been some last night, looks as if there may be more on the way today, but now, after ten, still grey, but none of the gusting winds and other signs that tells you to grab an umbrella or, if you can, stay where you are inside. We'll see soon enough how that affects the rest of our day here in Oakland. Other than lending itself to more clueless babbling right here.

Later. The weather people are saying quite a bit of rain later this afternoon and evening, but so far it's been more a light mist than anything that would get you wet. Well, get you wet if you were to walk to the burger drive-in across the way and return with a grilled chicken sandwich. Which I didn't. Got to the stairwell to notice the “mist”, no big deal, nothing to get you wet, but it was enough to tip the balance and so back to the apartment.

Your excitement for the day?

Now, now. Excitement is way overrated.

Evening. Watched a good part of Democracy Now, read an article or two in magazines that have been sitting for too long by the side of the bed, checked out Charlie Rose who was interviewing Jeff Bezos of Amazon and then went to bed, remembering they'd run an episode of Code Black last night and it would be available for viewing. It's almost too saccharine at times, but I seem to be able to watch it without noticeable damage.

Managed fifteen minutes of Code Black before I bailed and turned out the lights.

The photo up top was taken walking home this morning after breakfast with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.