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Here In Oakland

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October 26, 2016

Called Life

Wednesday. I did turn in early last night, but remember it turning ten to then turn on and listen to the six minute KQED newscast, so although I did get enough sleep (awakening at five-thirty), it was just enough. No rain and so a comfortable enough walk to breakfast in the dark, the East Bay Times not arriving this morning, not sure why.

Again, sun, the weather people changing their forecast yesterday to say it would be sunny today, the rain returning tomorrow and on through the weekend. They're not certain it will rain on the weekend, so I'll hold out hope for a decent Sunday for the Fruitvale Dia de los Muertos street festival. Generally a good event for photographs.

A picture or two walking back, the focus and exposure off as they've been off now on these walks for a while and therefore requiring quite a bit of processing to make them work. Not sure if it's me or the camera settings. Not something I change very often. So we'll look see this morning. Challenging stuff for a middle of the week Wednesday.

Just stop.

Later. Nice sunny weather well before noon. My lack of an East Bay Times this morning seems to have been because they didn't access my credit card for payment or I've been paying by check, although the invoice I received today said it had been paid with an automatic payment. The person I talked to the phone wasn't altogether clear on what happened, but he took the credit card number and it will start again in a day or two. Or whenever.

So is it your fault or their fault?

I'm suspicious of me, I'm afraid.

Later still. An electric razor I've owned since the beginnings of time failed this morning, not working with the battery or with the power cord and so ordered a new one. Arrives Friday. We'll make do with whatever stubble is able to grow in the next two days. This, however, led to another memory glitch. Thinking well, plastic and metal, we'll toss it in the recycle bin downstairs, remembering yes, plastic and metal, but a rechargeable battery as well. Go downstairs and get the razor. Lost in a fog even when it's not apparent.

Otherwise an afternoon doing little or nothing. I'd seen all of the Law & Order episodes I generally watch on Wednesdays and so dipped in and out of them until the ball game started.

Evening. Watched some of Democracy Now, switched back and forth with it and the game, the Indians not doing as well this second go in the series, losing finally and making the score 1 and 1. Not a new piece of information out there to the world, I'd think.

Watched parts of Death In Paradise, another repeat. Not sure how many times KQED has run these episodes, but for years I'd guess. Maybe they get away with it because its audience has memory issues similar to mine. Anyway, to be early again, the fog of the day not unlike the fog of these ever so many days, but feeling alright, no too close brushes with this reality we strive to avoid called life.

The photo up top was taken at the Berkeley Sunday Streets last Sunday with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.