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Here In Oakland

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October 11, 2016

They May

Tuesday. OK, did get to bed early, but then stayed up to listen to the seventh through ninth innings of the Cubs-Giants game, turning it and the lights off after ten, thinking I really needed to get a good night's sleep, we can find out what happened in the morning. But then entered an uneven night's rest, awakening more than once, one of those times at close to midnight thinking “what the hell” and so turned on the radio (using the clicker, easy to do without lights or moving on the bed) just as the Giants hit a double to bring in the winning run in the thirteenth inning.

I wasn't expecting to awake then at five-thirty, as I'd done yesterday, after getting to sleep so late, but that's what I did. Five-thirty. Up to shave and prepare to leave for breakfast, taking my time while listening to Democracy Now, as they were no longer talking about the debate. Out the door early, feeling good, to walk to breakfast to have the Crab Cake Benedict along with the mixed fruit and coffee, to then float on home while thinking swell thoughts. Upbeat. The mood good.

So you were a bit surprised it went so well?

I guess I did after the uneven night. So, feeling good, got home to start the laundry and then remembered the last time I'd had Crab Cake Benedick, it had brought on a medium level ocular migraine the last time I'd eaten it, this realization coming as it right now seems to be kicking in again. Idiot I. We'll know in an hour.

Later. An ocular event did develop - dry mouth, weird acting head - making doing the laundry more interesting than I'd have liked, but I was able to lie down for long enough to let it pass. Maybe now that I've had another one, after a Crab Cake Benedict breakfast, I'll remember to duck.

There are two packages due today, they say by eight this evening and, given the after effects of the ocular thing, I think I'll skip going over to the lab for the monthly blood thinner Protime test. Get it done after the haircut I have scheduled tomorrow. Good. We'll stay inside, take it easy and so manage to duck out on going out again.

Evening. Turned on Democracy Now and then, afterward, finished watching the last episode of the Humans series on the tablet. The two packages still hadn't arrived and so went to bed after watching the first short interview on Charlie Rose. (Seems the Republican party is having troubles in this election.) Screw it. We won't change our schedule for them tomorrow, let them be delivered as they may.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.