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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


October 12, 2016

Getting Done

Wednesday. Interesting last couple of innings at the Cubs-Giants game last night, the disastrous ninth coming as a complete surprise after those first eight. Well, again, I listened to the last two innings on the radio. At least I turned the lights out well before ten to then awaken at quarter after six.

Up with the usual routine to set out for breakfast, taking a picture with the shutter speed set way too slow on the way along Grand. Nice colors, though. Another, still not quite right, on the way back. The scrambled eggs and country potatoes this time with mixed fruit and coffee, taking no chances, as we're due for a haircut in the City Center at noon and then the blood drawing afterward. Haven't had an ocular incident while out walking. Yet. Well, not one I remember.

So, running a little later this morning, best that the haircut is scheduled for noon and not the usual eleven.

Later. Out the door at eleven-thirty to catch the bus to the Broadway ATM, walk on to the haircut appointment and then catch a bus to the lab. No muss, no fuss. Getting to the lab just as it opened at one, I was immediately able to get the blood drawn and get out the door in something like ten minutes, where earlier visits have often taken well over half an hour.

A walk instead of a bus home, the morning overcast having broken and now making the light jacket I was wearing too warm, but too warm at just the moment I got home. So good. Just like that: done.

Last night, I'm assuming last night as they weren't there yesterday, someone plastered four posters on the glass walls of the bus stop enclosure at the bottom of my hill and so, of course, I took pictures. Hard to say who did what when. Did people put up the posters, supporters of Trump, to be followed at some later time by the people who did the graffiti? Are the posters themselves pro-Trump or anti-Trump? Tongue in cheek? The graffiti? Could it have been applied by the people who put up the posters? An elaborate prank? Electoral art that mirrors the confusion of this election?

Not even The Shadow knows what happens at night on the streets of Oakland.

Doesn't seem to keep the rents down.

Evening. I generally watch the Law & Order episodes a local channel runs all day Wednesdays and so that's what I've pretty much been doing through the afternoon and now into the evening. Taking breaks for the news and checking out Charlie Rose (skipped it again). Went to bed early. A good day, some things getting done.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.