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Here In Oakland

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October 10, 2016

Bed Instead

Monday. To bed early and to sleep early. Too early, I suspect, as I awoke at five-thirty instead of the target six and couldn't get back to sleep. What the hell, up early to get ready for breakfast. Felt fine, some thoughts I'd rather drive than walk, but I've lately such thoughts have been routine yet the walks have always turned out well. The mind playing tricks. I suspect there may be ways to turn that around, but I haven't done any experimenting other than just pushing myself out the door to find out.

As you did yesterday, crapping out on photographing the Rockridge Out & About?

Let's go with the “forward thinking” thing here, none of this nonsense of comparing what we're saying with what we're actually doing.

Picking up the phone on the way to breakfast I discovered two voice mails from my sister who'd called twice during the debate last night. I was here listening to it in the apartment, but hadn't heard the phone ring. Checked the volume control, discovered it was too low and so jacked it up. For once having been a techie, I haven't had much interest in learning the basics about this phone.

It's the age thing.

Best to drop this. No need to describe the odd memory glitch we experienced getting dressed this morning.

Later. Strange day in some ways. Spent time cleaning up this and that in the bedroom, something I'm trying to encourage. Feel clear headed, the sinuses not too bad, but it's difficult to find something I want to do inside or out, standing or sitting, on the web or on the tablet. Bored? Don't feel bored, although I'm not sure I recognize or know what “bored” is for me anymore.

A walk over to the lake around one, the sun having come out before ten, to sit for a while in the sun. A grilled chicken sandwich? Ice cream? Anything? Not hungry, I guess. But again, not sure I understand the signals in these recent years. Odd to say, even though I say it/think it and of course repeat it here much too often.

Later still. A walk over to the burger drive-in to bring home a grilled chicken sandwich, still doing the “am I hungry?” routine. Went down easily enough and so lied down to watch more of three or four movies I've been in the middle of for some time. Interesting set of prejudices, mine. I'll watch, I'll stop and watch another and then pick it up again later in the day, later in the next day, later in the next week. Not sure why.

Evening. A second dose of pain meds and then more tablet watching, Netflix and Amazon, to get up and check out Charlie Rose at eight. He was talking about - what else? - the debate and the race, followed by an interview with Justice Ginsberg. Didn't watch either, but at least the meds had kicked in, and so went to bed instead.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland Pride Festival with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.