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October 9, 2016

Turn It Off

Sunday. Warm, last night, but what I'm now remembering as a decent night's rest. Up once to take a leak, but that was about it. Awakening ten or fifteen minutes before six to get up this time and take the full dose of pain meds along with the rest of the prescriptions, thinking now that it's later at home it was a good move. The sinuses are letting me know they're there, but not really a problem. A little more and I'd be bitching.

Anyway, a drive to breakfast to read the Chronicle and the Times, the East Bay News late again this morning, finding it when I returned. The Rockridge Out & About later, I figure I'll head out around noon. In checking I see I haven't been to once since 2013. Because I didn't get enough pictures at them? Because something else was happening at the same time? Was I out of town? Do I care? Been a while since I've been to Rockridge, though. I can remember when I went there, without particularly thinking, all the time.

You did live there when you moved to Oakland.

Twenty years now. Time flies.

Later. I've been going through a series of debates - should I go, should I not? - for some time, but have always pretty much decided not to blow off any of the events once I'd packed the cameras and headed for the bus. Except today I did.

Spent an hour preparing the Rockridge web pages for a new section, put on the backpack, picked up the second camera and headed for the bus. The bus didn't come. The reason being my fault, the NextBus app was set to the wrong stop and, after waiting for twenty minutes, figured out the error, but then discovered the bus wasn't coming for another twenty minutes on top of the twenty I'd waited.

So back to the apartment to lie down and watch a movie. It's hot out there. They're saying it was hotter in Oakland yesterday, but I'm suspecting my area here is warmer than it was yesterday. No desire to run around taking pictures at an event I don't remember having turned out all that well in the past.

Sounds like you've invented enough excuses for you to rationalize your crapping out.

Be nice....

Later still. So much for an afternoon. Watched television, three old episodes of Elementary from a period I've always found less than wonderful, not a very positive statement about how one spends an afternoon. Still, it's cooler now, feel pretty good, although the idea of heading over to Rockridge never really surfaced again.

The debate starting at six, which I will watch. I admit I more often than not skip the ongoing main stream news commentary. My attitude toward both of the candidates hasn't really changed all that much through all the reported candidate “glitches” and revealed secrets, neither the recent release of the tape of Trump's eleven year old how he gropes women with impunity comments nor the passages from Clinton's well paid speeches before financial elites, her comment on the difference between campaign promises and her personal beliefs. None of it surprised me, but just confirmed what I was assuming and suspecting.

Evening. Watched the first hour of the debate and then skipped back and forth, looking at other stations during the half hour finish. Hard to watch. Trump is impossible and Clinton is hard to swallow, but that's the hand we've been dealt or, in some sense, we've managed to deal to ourself.

To bed early, we'll more probably than not wade through some of the reporting and commentary on the debate tomorrow, wade though enough to make us close our ears/mind and turn it off.

The photo up top was taken at the Folsom Street Fest with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.