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October 8, 2016

Recent Nights

Saturday. Lights out, I'm suspecting too early again, at nine. Still took a while to get to sleep, although I suspect the time spent dropping off adds somewhat to the rest you get, and so awakening finally at quarter to six. Hi, ho. I guess. Took the full dose of the pain meds instead of the half dose this morning and that seems to have been a good idea as the sinuses haven't really kicked up. Yet.

Clear sky, they're saying quite warm today, into the seventies certainly (it hit a hight of eighty-seven yesterday) and so I'm thinking a good day and weekend ahead. Things to photograph today and tomorrow, which is good, as I'm finding posting so many of the Folsom Street Fair photographs here can be depressing. Interesting pictures, but depressing.

Had the scrambled eggs with country potatoes for breakfast. Thought about something more substantial, as it was one-fifty on the scale this morning, but I found I couldn't finish it all as it was. A walk home crossing to the opposite side of Grand thinking a small change in the morning routine, head on by the farmers market as they were setting up. What the hell, rebellion, let it all hang out.

Later. I'd learned earlier through (I think) Twitter that something was planned at the corner of Frank Ogawa Plaza on Broadway, starting at eleven and so took the bus to the ATM on Broadway and then walked on to 14th to find four small groups of people holding signs on each of the four corners. So some pictures.

Getting off the bus near the ATM I saw that Franklin had been blocked off for a concert of some kind, tracking it down finally when I got home on the web. Just a few blocks had been blocked off for a concert that was supposed to start at one. Did I want to return and attend? Take pictures? Decided not. Geared, from the look of it, to a much younger crowd. Maybe if I'd known about it earlier I might have talked myself into going, but the Rockridge Out & About is tomorrow, so we won't be short on opportunities for pictures through the rest of the weekend.

A bus straight home to process pictures and watch episodes of Law & Order on television, those that I could get into, anyway, the Washington-Oregon football game and now the afternoon is done. They said that Washington hadn't beaten Oregon since 2003 (or some similarly ancient date), but this routing (70-21) was the worst routing on record. As a U.W. graduate I suppose I should have known this and thereby been pleased. I guess. Looked good, though, the U.W. team.

Evening. No episodes of Elementary from the look of it, couldn't get into the Poirot episode playing on Masterpiece Theater and so to bed and the tablet. Hmm. Not a lot different than many of the recent nights.

The photo up top was taken at the Folsom Street Fest with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.