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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


October 21, 2015


Wednesday. A bit of a lapse this morning after another decent, similar to yesterday's, night's rest. Awake at six-twenty, up and out the door to drive to breakfast. OK, it was dark, it was early, that was my rationalization to drive, but the walking is important and I could have waited the twenty minutes required before leaving. I could.

If I'm to keep my schedule (decided on yesterday), today I need to photograph the progress at Latham Square and next door at the apartment house construction site. I will, more because I also have a prescription refill I need to pick up, so we'll say it's settled.

Nothing else on the list?

Such as the promised properly shot self portrait, straightening out the secondary health insurance now that my old employer has cut its retirees off? Stuff like that?

For starters.

Let's start with the Latham photographs.

Later. Remembered to run the Protime blood thinner test (good old codger: you deserve a pat on the head!) before heading out with the camera in the backpack to catch the bus downtown, getting off at Latham Square and taking a set of pictures. I'd stopped taking pictures from the Rotunda building stairwell window when they papered them over, but hadn't taken a picture to document the fact and so climbed the stairs today and took a photograph.

OK, good for me, off then to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription refill, pack the camera in the backpack again before leaving and then catching the bus home. Plenty of time to catch the return bus this morning, which is not always the case and so happy with that.

Thought of getting off at the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar, but wasn't particularly hungry and so off at the apartment house construction site to take its set of pictures. I'd passed by the crane heading out and hoped it would be there in operation when I returned. And it was. So good. The day has started well and it's just now noon.

And there are photographs to process.

We may take our time with them. The day is sunny and not over the top warm (although warm enough). Maybe just see what is suggested once the noon hour stretches into afternoon and I begin to think about food. Lunch. Weirdly up and down with this getting hungry business.

I believe you've mentioned that. More than once, in fact.

Later still. Today's photographs processed, taking a short break to take a self portrait. Didn't use any lighting, just put another lens on the camera and took a picture until I got one I liked. Funky looking, but accurate enough.

Evening. Ah, well. Nothing on television (fortunately, truth be told), some time on the tablet, no time reading and then lights out. At least the temperature is nice, no fans needed, a blanket required.

The photo up top was taken Sunday on the bus with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.