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October 20, 2015

Bad Sign

Tuesday. Lights out six minutes after ten (the six minutes on the hour PBS news brief must be listened to every evening!) and then sleeping pretty much straight through, except for one ten minute plus period when I awoke at four, finally awakening just before seven. So we'll chalk it up to an uneven, but long enough night's sleep. Rest.

A walk then to breakfast to opt for the avocado with Swiss cheese omelet (taking something of a chance with it, as this particular entrée will sometimes bring on an ocular episode later), walking home around nine, noting the change in gas prices and a new flower forming on the second, been barren now for a while, pandorea vine. (We'll work on the exposure and focus tomorrow.) An omelet followed by all this change and excitement before nine!

Let's not start doubting one's competence before noon, now, OK? Omelet? Change? Excitement?

I claim clear headed exuberance on what looks to be another clear and sunny day ahead. Where it will undoubtedly get too warm to go outside. Not sure what this was, passing it on the way to breakfast, so I crossed Grand on the way back to get a picture.

Later. I'd photographed both Latham Square and the apartment house construction site yesterday and so decided to spend this morning and early afternoon putting together and posting a section of Latham Square and apartment house construction site photographs to the web. So good. We'll shoot photographs again tomorrow, try to follow an every other day shooting schedule to see if I'm willing to filling in putting together and posting sections on the off days in between. Monday, Wednesday, Fridays. Maybe that'll bring them current. Maybe. He said.

Evening. It's cooled down a bit. Maybe finish that Maigret story I've been reading tonight, skip the damned tablet. Nice day, nothing unusual about it, but that's probably not a bad sign.

The photo up top was taken at Berkeley Streets with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.