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Here In Oakland

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October 19, 2015

This Business

Monday. Lights out early and sleeping through until seven. Maybe those two small bottles of sake turned out better than I'd dared to hope. Then again, maybe I was tired after what could be looked at as a long day and I slept like a veritable log. Of course, “veritable log” changes in its definition as you get older. A good night's rest. We'll leave it there before we beat it to death.

A walk to breakfast taking pictures of two of the three pandorea flowers now in blossom, a bus coming as I was finishing and so a bus home to wrestle with yesterday's entry before posting. Feel pretty good, so far whatever sake I had last night has had no effect.

The sky has been overcast, but it looks as if the sun will break through and the weather people are saying sunny and warmer as the week progresses. So we're still not quite into the cooler weather and rain, although we've had just a little, is still science fiction. Or something like that.

Later. The usual ambivalence in heading out, but a bus downtown to take a set of Latham Square pictures, running into a young man who asked that I take his picture. Good. I like these “take my picture” episodes, this a second request after another while on the bus coming home yesterday from Berkeley Streets. That one turned out less well as the light was too low on the bus and I screwed up the shutter speed by not making an adjustment. A second shot at a higher ISO didn't properly focus. Pretty exciting stuff while riding on a bus.

Now, now.

I'd been thinking of staying and getting something to eat at the City Center, but I finished shooting with time remaining to catch the return bus home, getting off at the apartment house construction site and taking a set of pictures there before getting a ginger cupcake and coffee at the corner café.

Later still. Processed the photographs. Started can slow me down a bit, but once started I seem to go right through, even though I spend what you might think is a couple of hours a day in Lightroom and Photoshop. I'd like to say I know them cold, but I essentially run through the same steps with each and every photograph, not a lot of layer tweaking in Photoshop, for example, using maybe a tenth of its capabilities.

I doubt you come close to using a tenth of what it's capable of.

Still, keeps me contented, I seem to enjoy whatever it gives.

Evening. Time on the tablet until I'd jumped one too many times between one or another movie or episode and then had trouble connecting at all around seven. I'm assuming it's because that's the time when most people are coming online, but finally, after being bumped one time too many, I checked out who Charlie Rose was interviewing at eight (John McCain was not of interest) and turned to a Georges Simenon Inspector Maigret story I'd recently started. We're seeing if some of our reading habits of our youth can still be salvaged and replace this tablet/television business.

You don't sound all that hopeful.

Who knows? There aren't any published rules about this business.

The photo up top was taken at Berkeley Streets with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.