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October 18, 2015

The Moment

Sunday. Awake and up at six-thirty, after lights out last night at ten, to drive off to breakfast by seven. Give or take a few minutes. A decent Eggs Benedict breakfast, although I was wondering if I were taking any chances with the bacon. But not much, obviously. A drive back thinking the day had started well, the head seemingly clear, Berkeley Sunday Streets taking place later right at the Berkeley BART station entrance so I figured I'd go. Too easy to skip, right?

Home from breakfast to finish, edit and post yesterday's entry and then to suddenly feel tired, another of the pale ocular blotches forming when the eyes were closed in the same recognizable shape, and so to bed for what turned out to be a two hour nap. Just like that. Awakening not long before noon. The day has thrown a curve.

You've thrown yourself a curve with this damned diet of yours.

Later. Caught the noon bus to the 19th Street BART station and took BART to Berkeley. Quite a large crowd at the 19th Street Station, wondering if there was a football game today or if all these people were headed for Berkeley Streets. Lucked out finding a seat on the packed train when it arrived and so to Berkeley feeling fine, the long lens camera in the backpack, the shorter lens camera over the shoulder. No walking along strange sidewalks involved in the journey and the chances of anything happening on a bus, on a BART train or in the middle of the Sunday Streets is small. He said.

I'd missed last year's event and wondered, when I emerged from the station to find the crowd not nearly as large as I remembered, if I'd arrived too early. Walked the length, up and back, stopping to have a quite decent croissant and coffee at one place because it had an empty table available (and I was tired), stopped at a yogurt shop later for the same reason. Liked the frozen yogurt, though.

Not very many pictures, not enough for a section. A number of small groups playing music generating a series of small crowds, and there didn't seem to be anyone out there in the costumes you'd see in earlier years or as many of the group work out demonstrations I've photographed in the past. Lots of kids running around, but otherwise, for a photographic event, today was something of a dud.

Blame the event and not the photographer?

Oh, a bit of each. We're cool with the fact the energy often doesn't seem to be the same as in prior years and the pictures either aren't there or I'm not quick enough or thorough enough to find them.

Home on BART and then on the bus. The temperature reasonably cool, the long sleeve shirt a good choice from start to finish. We'll at least get a picture or two for posting here if not for the web sites.

Later still. At most a dozen photographs at Sunday Streets and so no section to be added to the web. Such is life. Could I have worked the area harder? Could I have stayed longer and gotten the required twenty-one plus pictures? Sure. We'll see if this continues over the coming year.

Evening. I did pick up a couple of the small single serving bottles of sake at the supermarket Saturday morning and, of course, I got into the first one this evening. Maybe best to just get them out of the way. Feel pretty good, no complaints, the temperature outside is quite cool. Has fall/winter arrived? Not great for photographs (unless I can seek out new ways to find them), but pretty good for sleep and days where you don't feel the urge to move to Alaska.

The second bottle of sake is now history and I feel just fine, thank you. How long has it been since I've had any alcohol? Been a while. Will probably rethink this tomorrow and swear it off again for whatever number of months. Still rather nice at the moment, though.

He said.

He said.

The photo up top was taken this early afternoon at Berkeley Streets with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.