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Here In Oakland

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October 17, 2015

The Weekend

Saturday. Awake again at six, probably because lights out at ten is too early and I don't need more than seven or eight hours sleep. OK. Decided to drive to breakfast and go by the supermarket on the way home and so no walking this morning. Probably not for the best, the more walking the better. He said.

There was a large crowd in the white column pergola area by the lake when I was driving by on the way home at eight, more than a hundred people with the usual temporary tables and one or two signs I couldn't quite make out. Needs a visit with a camera now that it's nine. A Saturday, a farmers market day, not sure what's up.

Later. Whatever the event, the crowd was packing up and most of the people I'd seen driving home had left by the time I got to the pergola at the lake and so whatever the event, it was over and done with by nine. There had been a couple of hundred people when I'd passed, there were maybe fifty when I walked over to see what was up.

Got into the cheddar cheese spread and crackers I'd picked up earlier at the supermarket. No excuses. If various foods bring on ocular incidents, then cheddar cheese (spread) is as various as you can get. Don't touch, the neurologist said. But we do, now and again, not all that often. Like this morning.

A bit of non-fat cottage cheese to finish and now maybe something on the tablet. The sky is thoroughly overcast and the temperature is cool enough, so we'll lie down and let that cheddar cheese spread, well, spread digest.

Later still. A walk over along the lake in the afternoon and then on to Lakeshore and the ice cream shop, more an “I can do this” than any desire for ice cream. Back then over to Grand and a small cup of coffee at the café near the health club, why I'm not sure. More just a way to not go back inside, perhaps. Then home, the walking for the day done if I had to make a guess.

Evening. No ocular incidents, as such, but a slowing down as I was watching this and that on the tablet, a pale shadow of the sparkly thing that appears during one of them showing for a period when I closed my eyes. More a funky, let's not do more than lie down and listen to the radio, period than an actual incident which I'm blaming on the cheddar cheese spread (augmented, perhaps, by the ice cream) eaten earlier. In some sense dodged the bullet, my throw caution to the winds of the morning not coming back later at the usual time and biting me too hard.

Nothing on television I wanted to watch and so to be early again. A somewhat odd day, that trip to the supermarket and the cheese spread setting the tone, but it's out of the way now for the while (my trip to the supermarket and the rules I then break with what I tend to bring home) and we can get on with the rest of the weekend. Right?

The photo up top was taken this morning near Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.