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Here In Oakland

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October 16, 2015

It's Dark

Friday. Lights out by ten, awake at six. Hmm. We seem to have missed our seven in the morning target. Still, gave me time to listen to Democracy Now on the radio as I was getting ready to head out to breakfast, setting out at seven for an easy enough walk. Looks like the sky will clear later and so another overly warm day, but the month is passing and winter is on its way.

Plugged in a couple of last minute pictures in yesterday's entry when I got home, something I almost always do first thing when I start the entry the day before. We're running low on pictures. Need to get out and shoot more! (Actually we were too damned lazy to spend the small amount of time required to go back through the files and choose one yesterday, not sure why.)

We said we'd get the self portrait done today. Hey. We will. Really. Get the light right!

Stop please.

Later. Well, nothing out of line going on, although I've not done more than take a walk to the lake (without taking a single picture) and then play with one or two self portraits, but without setting up the lights. The idea was to get the light right and, to do that, I needed to go through the instructions again to set light intensity and balance. Too much effort, I guess. Did the snapshots and now thinking of doing something totally different, like not playing the guitar.

One bit of knowledge I wasn't expecting came out of the self portraits. In looking at the images full size, I realized the pores on my nose needed a good scrubbing and so to the bathroom for face cloth and soap. No more dirty pores. We've just added the face cloth to our morning routine, he said, embarrassed.

As you should be.

Ah, well. You learn as you get older.

Evening. I suspect I've seen the New Tricks episode at seven, but long enough ago I didn't remember but small occasional snippets, if I was indeed really remembering them at all. Doesn't matter, kept me watching as I ran through some scales on the guitar. Started the Dalziel and Pascoe, but got bogged down in the Dalziel character and the plot and so bailed about ten minutes in. Lots of reasons to dislike the Dalziel character, most of which have to do with me and not him.

To bed then around eight-thirty, the day essentially done. Skipped the Autumn Lights Festival over at the Lake Merritt Gardens, this evening. There's another tomorrow evening and I suspect I'll skip it as well. Need to bring a tripod, need to walk along Grand carrying the thing after dark and I don't want to drive. We'd avoid carrying all that much stuff (tripod and camera) any distance during the day and we're definitely not willing to walk any distance in Oakland after it's dark.

The photo up top was taken this morning on the way home from breakfast with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.