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October 15, 2015

I Suspect

Thursday. Not a bad night's sleep, awakening again at seven when it was light and I didn't have to think to delay before setting out to breakfast. Overcast, looks as if it will last, back from breakfast, arriving home at nine. The extra sleep and walking in the light are really nice, we'll do what we can to make them a habit.

You have enough habits.

Never enough good ones.

Felt energized as I was returning, not for the first time recently. Now, can I can put it to use before it evaporates? No need or thought to take a nap, let's see if we can put together more apartment house web sections and maybe take a self portrait before the day is out. Haven't done that in a while. A self portrait. Why not?

Later. Not at all tired and so no thought to take a nap. A bath and then a walk over to the apartment house construction site to take a set of pictures. The only photograph of one section I'd taken yesterday had been out of focus - the hold over the head need to shoot in live view doesn't allow you to easily catch it when it's being taken - and I wanted to get one to replace it today. Well, and I wanted to get out of the apartment, if only for a few minutes.

Not hungry and so back afterward to the computer to put together the two sections of apartment house construction site photographs. Good for me. A pat on the head. Haven't done anything to make the self portrait happen (the excuse for the bath was to wash the hair for the picture, not that it made any difference) and I'm pretty sure I'll put it off until tomorrow.

Later still. OK, the self portrait. Best way to do the thing when you're fighting the thought is to set up the camera, just set it up without worrying about the various wireless settings for the strobes, get your face in front of the lens and shoot a couple to get things going. Been a while since I've used the small strobe lights and there are adjustments needed to get them right so we'll just shoot and have that be the impetus to figure them out later to do it right.


And we'll get into figuring it out tomorrow, but a couple of just close your eyes and shoot snapshots to shame us into action and to follow through and actually do what I was thinking I'd like to get done today.

And so?

Not the most wide awake kid on the block.

Now, now. After a certain age you're supposed to be over all that.

Evening. Nothing I could find on the tablet, more a commentary on what I'm able to watch anymore than any lack of material. Ah, well. Must find other things to keep our interest. A run through that last series of lessons I took on the guitar, something I've been doing now pretty much every day, but for very short periods. I can play them now, don't really even have to think about fingering the strings, but how long has that taken? Again, my problem, not the guitar's.

There's a Midsomer Murders I'll probably skip at eight, maybe an interview of interest on Charlie Rose to end the evening. Are we spinning around in little circles here? I suspect.

The photo up top was taken at a City Center Wednesday noon concert last August with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.